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“Half-Shell Heroes” DVD to Hit Store Shelves Soon

For those who watched the “Half-Shell Heroes: Blast to the Past” special back in November, and enjoyed the new adventure that broke from the style of the current animated series, then some good news has hit the Internet. Starting March 15th, 2016, fans will be able to pick up their own copy of the 2D adventure on DVD.



Dealing with a malfunctioning experiment that sent the turtles back in time on a prehistoric adventure with ninja dino friends, “Half-Shell Heroes” was meant to introduce more fans to the brand new toy line being developed for a little bit younger demographic. However, using the same voice cast and the same personalities for all the characters in the special made the hour-long adventure feel like just another episode in the current series (and one that was arguably more fun and enjoyable than 85% of season three). The full review can be found here.


The special will be released on a single disc, and will retail for around $15. Overall, “Half-Shell Heroes” was a fun ride for the turtles to take, and hopefully will not be the last time this particular art style and presentation of the heroes is on the small screen. With so much energy behind the franchise, and specials, movies, and TV episodes still expected to breathe life into the TMNT universe for at least a few more years, fans can only hope that this isn’t the last time the smaller versions of the heroes have their adventures.

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Zach Gasior

Zach Gasior

Zach Gasior is an author and English professor at Baton Rouge Community College in Louisiana. His short stories have been published around the world, and he has two non-fiction books in print. He has contributed articles to several different sites, and has been a fan of the turtles since he was two years old, and his favorite ninja turtle is Raphael.

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