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TMNT Sequel to Hold Special Transformers Cameo

Finding little hidden gems in TV and film is always satisfying, and shows that those creating the works care about what has come before, and want to pay tribute to other great works.  So of course there was always a chance that with Michael Bay involved in the TMNT project that a robot in disguise might pop up unexpectedly.

In an Instagram video recently posted by a fan near the set, there’s a scene showing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II filming a costume parade.  The scene was recently filmed on the streets of NYC, and the video suggests that a special character from one of Michael Bay’s other franchises will be making a cameo in the film.  The video shows a man dressed up as a yellow car rolling around in front of Michelangelo mo-cap and voice actor Noel Fisher, then springing up into a human form, as if transforming.


There’s no indication whether or not this is suppose to be Bumblebee, as the mask looks like the famous Autobot, but the type of vehicle is more Hummer than Camaro.  There’s not even an indication that the Transformer lookalike will be acknowledged in any way by the turtles.  But it’s still fun to think that the Transformers and Ninja Turtles could exist in the same universe – even if it’s only a guy in a robot costume.  So what are your thoughts on this potential Easter egg?

#Repost @yodamouthliya ・・・ Whats bumblebee doing on #TMNT2 set lol ♥

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