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Retro or Remake: Which Metalhead is Better?

Metalhead is one of the most interesting characters from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. Perhaps as a result of its popularity, the robotic Ninja Turtle has been featured in the Playmates toy line more than once. In fact, the robot had some pretty cool sculpts both in the original line and in the latest line representing Nickelodeon’s TMNT.

If Playmates Toys has shown us anything in the last few years, they’ve revealed that they have a remarkable ability for continually putting out a high quality product. Both the retro action figures and their remake counterparts are nicely built, but at the end of the day, one is probably going to be more radical than the other. With that in mind, let’s take a look at both of these toys and try to figure out which one is better.

Metalhead vs. Metalhead

Retro Metalhead Pros:image003

  • Metallic Paint Job
  • Robotic Circuitry Design
  • Glowing Red Eyes

Retro Metalhead Cons:


  • Lack of Action Features
  • Limited Joint Movement
  • Uninteresting Weapons


Remake Metalhead Pros:image005


  • Improved Joint Movement
  • Interesting Action Feature
  • Updated Robotic Design


Remake Metalhead Cons:


  • Limited Visibility of Circuitry
  • Lack of Metallic Paint Job
  • Fewer Weapon Choices





This is definitely a tough one to make a decision about. Both action figures are really well crafted and each has its own set of compelling positives and negatives. That being said, we have to come to some kind of conclusion here, and this one is going to be mostly up to personal opinion.


Okay, so this entire series is founded upon opinion, but I’d like to think that I try to keep things as fair as possible. Still, there are going to be some fans who would rather have a cool action feature than a more interesting sculpt. That’s right, when it comes to which Metalhead is better, I think we’re going to have to give this one to the Retro Metalhead!


While it’s true that this action figure lacks many action features other than its glowing red eyes and a random assortment of 80’s computer tech based weapons, the sculpt is just more interesting than its remake counterpart. Featuring a metallic paint job with random circuitry all over the shell, this Metalhead toy is undeniably cool. Heck, even the knee joints look more like joints than we find on the remake. To be blunt about it, the Retro Metalhead just looks more like a robot than the Remake Metalhead.

Although there is a bit of circuitry on display in the newest iteration of the action figure, it’s not quite the same. Another problem with the remake is that the action feature isn’t automatic, and it requires you to flick your finger in order to complete the action. To be fair, it’s still a much more interesting action feature than we see with the retro toy, but one weapon alone cannot give the new Metalhead an edge over the old figure.

What do you think? Which Metalhead action figure is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out our last Retro or Remake article focusing on Mouser toys!

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Justin W

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