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TMNT – “Newtralized!” Review

by Zach Gasior

Newtralized! 2

“We’re taking care of the Kraang.  I got a new partner now.” – Slash

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – “Newtralized!” Review

Raphael and Casey Jones are out on patrol, chasing down some Kraang carrying stolen plutonium.  They chase the aliens into an alley, but before they can finish them off, an unknown individual cuts the robots to shreds and took the plutonium.  Meanwhile, the others are playing around at the lair when Casey and Raph return.  But the plutonium problem is too big to avoid, so all five head out to search for the culprit.  While Raph and Casey argue about the threat the Kraang impose on the world, Donatello and Michelangelo come across another defeated group, and Donnie notices that they were defeated by very advanced weaponry.

As the search continues, Raph and Casey happen upon another group of Kraang in the middle of a heist, but before they can butt in, Slash appears from the shadows.  He’s teamed with the Newtralizer, and together they are obliterating the Kraang, one group at a time.  Raphael tries to stop them, but they acquire more technology, which allows them to teleport away before an all-out rumble begins.  The team regroups and formulates a new plan, but Slash and Newtralizer are already putting their teleportation to good use, intent on blowing up a Kraang communications facility.  Slash hesitates though, and the story of how the two mutants met and teamed up is relayed through flashback, as the two agree to take down the Kraang no matter what.

The turtles and Casey track down the Kraang, and do their best to stop the mutants, but the two escape, blowing up the facility as they go.  Raph berates Casey for slowing them down, and the two squabble until Casey storms off.  However, Donnie planted a spy roach on Slash, and so the turtles are able to find out the mutants’ next plan.  All groups arrive at the docks, where the Kraang have unleashed their new walker weapon, which easily dispatches Newtralizer.  As the turtles join the fray, Newtralizer takes control of the walker, and turns on everyone else.  Fortunately, Casey rejoins his friends, and with Slash’s help, they destroy the weapon.  Slash leaves to find his own way, but he’s a friend of the turtles once again.

It’s great to see some familiar faces come back around for Act Two of their stories.  Slash and Newtralizer have been missing for some time now, and found a common enemy.  Plus, there was some great character development for the turtle.  The audience now knows that despite his apparent mental breakdown after his mutation, Slash still wants to be a hero, and cares about how his actions affect the rest of the world around him.  Twice he refused to hurt any innocent people, and that eventually led to his breakup with his new partner.  So not all the mutants are bad guys; perhaps, instead, good or bad is influenced by the one that’s mutated.  There are some anomalies, but perhaps other mutants can find their consciences again, too.

However, there was way too much trying to be done in this episode.  A lot of the action felt squished together a bit much, and Slash and Newtralizer deserved more time to have their story and partnership fleshed out.  (It’s likely, though, that it was done this way in order to show both mutants before they disappear for like half a season or so.)  There was also a problem with Slash saying he works better alone.  Clearly he doesn’t, because he’s now been captured by the Kraang twice while working alone.  He could use some help from his family.

Overall, it was a good episode.  It felt a little rushed and forced at times (and Casey’s part could have been left out, without losing anything from the story), but it was still good to see growth for some unexpected characters, especially with the season finale fast approaching.  Here’s hoping Slash is back to help his brothers again soon, because with Tiger Claw and the Shredder still out there, they’ll need all the help they can get.

Rating: 7.5/10

Newtralized! 3

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