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First image of new toys leaked for Michael Bay Turtles movie

Yesterday, we gave you a look at a giant image of the four Ninja Turtles from Michael Bay's new Turtles movie on what appeared to be a poster for the upcoming June movie.   While, we aren't certain if this image from yesterday was some form of poster to promote the release of the film or some display to promote the upcoming toy line associated with the new Paramount Turtles movie, today a Turtles fan sent us a image of what appears to be representative of the new toys for the Michael Bay Ninja Turtles movie.   


photo (2)

 An interesting thing about this photo is that it almost seems like it was taken to the right of the giant poster/display that we showed you yesterday.   It seems like this photo was taken in the same room considering we can see some sort of display with toys on it next to the poster/display image from yesterday.    These sure seem like really cool 12" figures of Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo,  but can these really be images from the new Turtles toy line that will be launched in support of the release of the new Ninja Turtles movie?

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