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TMNT – “Target: April O’Neil” Review

“April … Some things are just beyond our control.”

Shredder is not pleased with Karai’s attempts to destroy the turtles.  Fortunately for her, the Kraang have upgraded her Foot-bots, and she’s ready to test them out – on April O’Neil.  Meanwhile, Donatello is looking after April from above, but she spots him and reiterates that she wants nothing to do with her former friends ever again.  Back at the lair, the others are starting to see the reality of that as well, making Donnie even more depressed.  But it doesn’t last long, because they intercept a Kraang transmission about a new weapon, and head out to find it.

April finds her new friend Casey Jones at the local hockey rink, and while the two bond, Foot-bots attack.  April and Casey are forced to work together to fight off the robots, with both showing admirable skill.  April leads most of the bots away, leaving Casey to handle a pair while Karai and the others follow their prey.  The turtles, however, are not aware of the trouble, and have located and broken into a Kraang research facility.  Before they can shut down the new Foot-bot, though, Donnie gets a call from April, and she needs his help.  While he rushes to save her, the others engage the Kraang in battle.

Target April O'Neil Nickelodeon TMNT

Donnie arrives just in the nick of time, but Karai still wants the girl, and takes on April head-to-head.  Unfortunately for the heroes, the others failed to stop the new Foot-bot, and it arrives to destroy April, easily dispatching Donnie.  The Kraang, however, override the robot’s programming and order it to capture April.  Upset, Karai attacks it, making herself a target.  The others manage to arrive and help their brother and friend, but the robot is still too tough.  Donnie finally manages to shut the thing down while Michelangelo destroys it and Leonardo beats back Karai.  With everyone safe, April races off to check on Casey, but she does return to the lair and apologize to her friends, reuniting the team for good.

The tale of April’s anger and resentment has officially come to an end.  While perhaps it was a bit short-lived, it was certainly an interesting twist to the season.  She had good reason to be mad, so it’s hard to believe she was just able to let it go like that.  Perhaps some lingering resentment will show itself later (either when it comes to Donnie’s reaction to Casey, or to seeing her father again).  There’s also a question of what Mutagen Man will think and do, should he see her back in the lair and friends with the turtles again.  No matter what, though, it’s good to have the team back.  The most interesting part of the new dynamic will be how long it takes for Casey to get suspicious.  April had no friends, and now she’ll be gone all the time.  Will he follow her into the sewer one fateful evening?  Or will she be with him in the city when she needs a helping hand from her friends?

Perhaps it would have been an even better episode if Leonardo had said something to Karai about Splinter and her true identity.  Their battle was short, but certainly could have benefitted from a quick little aside about her real father.  Obviously, that is being saved for later (and is already being set up with the disdain Shredder showed initially for her failing efforts).  Whether or not she will believe him remains to be seen, but at least it would have been interesting to plant the idea in her head now.

           Target April O'Neil

Overall, it was a strong episode (although the reunion seemed a bit forced).  April’s excommunication could have lasted a bit longer, but at least now the turtles can get back to business without worrying that running into her will lead to an argument.  Now that one mini plot has been taken care of, the next bit of business can be handled: Finding the remaining mutagen and creating a cure for every unfortunate soul infected.


Rating: 7/10

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Zach Gasior

Zach Gasior

Zach Gasior is an author and English professor at Baton Rouge Community College in Louisiana. His short stories have been published around the world, and he has two non-fiction books in print. He has contributed articles to several different sites, and has been a fan of the turtles since he was two years old, and his favorite ninja turtle is Raphael.

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