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Caption Contest #1

by Zach Gasior

We hosted our first caption contest on Wednesday September 18 and we got some awesome captions for the image below. Its truly a pleasure to read comments from all our wonderful fans. Let the TMNT Caption Contest begin!


Caption Contest


Caption Winners

Simon Baillie – “You scratch my shell, Donnie…” (Picks up stick) “And I’ll scratch yours.”

Jesse Johnson – “Donnie, what are we gonna do if the pizza dude is actually early or on time? I only got a 10 spot on me bro.”

Jay Chesnut “Did you hear, we’re aliens?”

JA Williams Donatello: Who’d win in a fight? Raph or Mike Tyson?

Adam Picillo Whacha thinking Mikey? I wonder how that new Turtles movie will be.

Joseph Evans

Mikey – “I wonder if we’re related to Kermit the Frog?”

Donnie – “What goes on in your mind?

Shane MrAugust Halstead What’s an 8 letter word for ” piece of wood in finger”

John Morano

Don – So Mikey, when Splinter said one of us is adopted. Who do you think he was taking about?

Mike – Hmm…you.

Jml Commissions

Donny: Hey Mikey, what do you think about Michael Bay casting Megan Fox in the role of April?
Mikey: Waiting till the trailer, bro. Still trying to figure out what went wrong with Miley.

DJ Boysen Mikey, hand tossed or stuffed crust?

Grenville Crate Maybe chicken tonight,no Leo I am not eating a fellow animal.

Sketch Turnquist

Don: I really wanted some of that Popsicle
Mikey: oh well… maybe in the sequel

Martha Schwartz

I wonder if i could invent something cool.. boyakashaa? Nah, never work.

Joshua Emery

Mikey, if you could only have ONE last pizza, what would it be?


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