WHOA! : The New TMNT Movie Poster?

We just got an interesting picture of a pretty awesome looking Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles poster and we’re absolutely enthralled. Based on an anonymous tip, we are being told that this is the poster that was used at CinemaCon to promote the film. Some of you may recall that rumors leaked from the convention of a potential name change to the project. While it had originally been titled simply “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,” Paramount decided last year to change the name to “Ninja Turtles.” However, if rumors are to be believed, when the studio revealed the logo for the film at this convention recently, the full title was shown once more to include the words “Teenage” and “Mutant.”

 TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 Poster

With the reveal of this totally radical poster, it would appear that the rumors are true. Not only do we get to see what this new title actually looks like, but this poster also reveals the possible character models for our beloved heroes in a half shell. While many were afraid that they would try to make the characters look a little too much like actual turtles, it would appear that they’ve chosen to stick with a rather familiar design for the TMNT. Needless to say, the title looks pretty familiar, basically falling back on the easily recognizable and well known logo of the past. Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael and Michelangelo all look a little different, but for the most part I’d have to say that these are the guys we are very familiar with.  Their CGI look on the poster looks fascinating!


As you can probably see, the poster features the words “Lean, Green And On The Screen in 2013,” which doesn’t quite match up with the film’s official release date in 2014. As such, we are unsure whether or not this is a new or old poster, or where it fits in with the history of the film’s production. Regardless, it’s cool to get an idea of what the turtles might look like in the new movie and we’re psyched about this awesome poster. What do you think?



After further review it has been confirmed the TMNT Poster is fan made. We would like to apologize for misinforming any of our readers.

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Zach Gasior

Zach Gasior

Zach Gasior is an author and English professor at Baton Rouge Community College in Louisiana. His short stories have been published around the world, and he has two non-fiction books in print. He has contributed articles to several different sites, and has been a fan of the turtles since he was two years old, and his favorite ninja turtle is Raphael.

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