2012: The rebirth of TMNT

2012 was a great year for TMNT.  Nickelodeon took a chance on the Turtles and it paid off. The advertising department was pushing the Turtles at Comic-Con.

The online media usage was done very well. Fans were able to choose what side they would join.  Panels were held at the convention and the actors were in attendance to promote the new show.

2012 also saw the re-launch of TMNT comics. There has been a lot of up and down with TMNT comics, but as it turned out this version was different in a good way. The TMNT had micro series that gave a more in-depth look at the Turtles. In addition, they worked with the TV show. This allowed for a detailed story arc.

The toys for TMNT are selling fast. The Turtles are done very well for the price tag. While some characters like Splinter and Shredder are very basic, they are passable. The re-launch has created a bigger demand for classic items as well. eBay is flooded with TMNT merchandise and it is selling.

Pizza Hut was even featured on for honoring a pizza coupon. How cool is that?

As for a movie, that is questionable. Many fans were disappointed to learn that  Michael Bay was changing the story line of TMNT, but not all is lost. The movie was put on hold for the time being and many fans are hoping it will never see the light of day. Bay has angered many fans including Transformers fans, as he ruined the franchise in the minds of many.

Co-creator of TMNT, Kevin Eastman, did like the idea of a change for TMNT. No matter if the movie flops, he will get a fat check. Even some actors of TMNT movies think the movie was a bad idea.



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Justin W

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