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While TMNT was made mainstream through the 1987 TV series, it began as a comic in 1984. The TMNT comic was dark and gritty, featuring a no-nonsense group of turtles that in no way resembled their super-friendly an rarely-serious counterparts from the 1987 animated series.

In 1984, Eastman and Laird brought to life a group of unlikely heroes that in fact started off as a joke (turtles, not exactly known for their speed, stealth, or fighting prowess, made dubious candidates for a group of crime-fighting ninjas).

To this day, TMNT comics continue to provide readers with endless entertainment. As of this writing, there is even talk of a new TMNT comic, so keep eyes out for this!

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A new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic project recently came to the attention of this website, and its developers are looking for fan reactions before moving forward. The story takes the turtles into the future, 10 years after Master Splinter

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With the unparalleled success of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, including a popular television cartoon and two comic series, Archie Comics wanted to capitalize further.  In the Spring of 1991, a mini-series was created starring several of the turtles’ most

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