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NECA “Turtles in Time” Wave 1 Review

by Kyle Tobey

NECA appears to be the adult collector’s path in to the TMNT figures we never got as kids.

They’ve covered the original film (and the sequel soon), the animated series, and are contributing a new figure to each of the new LootCrate series boxes. Considering the popularity of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles classic games, the “Turtles in Time” line of figures are a welcome addition to the collection.

The packaging for each figure is designed with collectors in mind.

The box feels sturdy and can withstand it’s time through shipment. Each figure comes in window packaging, for collectors who choose to keep their figures in box. The front and sides replicate the artwork from the original box art and arcade cabinets. The back of the boxes are nice too, with very little print. These are figures with intent. They already sold you on the product, you know what you’re getting, all you need is a glamour shot on the back.

The figures themselves are in line with the quality we’ve come to expect from NECA.

Each has a stellar figure design and paint job. Each figure has a base paint with pixelated hi-lites. Slash is the stand out figure for me. He is sturdy and has a completely original sculpt. Every detail, from his belt to his toothy grin, makes the series worth having.

The limbs are all extremely tight. Almost to a detriment. I found myself trying to bend knees, only to stop because I thought I would break it. It’s made posing the figures very difficult. I may have finally found a position where the figures wont fall over every few hours, but it took a ton of trial and effort. I bought the NECA figure stands because I was having such a difficult time getting them to stay, but they don’t fit the holes in the foot.

The character designs are accurate to the original game. However, the original game didn’t have very detailed graphics. The figures are screen accurate, but there’s not the need for the level of high detail, as with the movie figures.

NECA makes up for the main figures not needing high detail sculpts with their accessories. All figures in the line come with weapons, but Leonardo, Donatello, and Foot Soldier also come with hover boards and stands! Finally, you can recreate fighting your way through the  sewers and avoiding the dreaded “My toe! My toe!” The accessories add new dimension to the display, but I cant tell if it’s a contributor to the figures falling over.

The set as a whole looks fantastic, but definitely feels incomplete. The second wave (Including Super Shredder, Leatherhead, Raphael, and Michelangelo) will likely make the collection feel more like a complete set.

While I love the how they look and the accessories, the need to constantly adjust and reposition so the figures don’t fall on each other is abundant. Yes, this is in part on my inability to position the figures so they wont fall, but at a certain point it CAN’T be me.

I still love the figures! They may not be on my favorite NECA have produced, but it’s a fantastic set paying homage to a lesser focused on version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I’m very excited to see the next wave (and beyond) for this series and hope it continues.

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