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New York Toy Fair 2019: Zen Monkey Studios

by Kyle Tobey

Zen Monkey Studios continues to be one of the best enamel pin companies today. They license their pins, making them the only official TMNT pins released. They also have designs from Cartoon Network, Avatar the Last Air Bender, Rick and Morty, MST3K, and others. They were showing off new designs and new ideas this weekend. Here’s what they have in store.

TMNT Blind Box Pins

Rarity rate
3 Mikey Variations
Pin Bag

The upcoming blind box collection is a great idea. Taking from the Mirage style and adding different colorways, this adds the element of surprise to already great designs. The gold enamel is the most rare, but I’d be happy with any of them.

Classic Character Designs

Various TMNT pins
Holiday TMNT Pins

They’ve released several designs based on the classic cartoon and video games. They’ve also released several holiday specific pins.

Framed Pin Displays

Framed TMNT Pins

This fantastic framed display has 5 designs in a new way to show off your pin collection. Hopefully if licensing rights allow, we can see more pin sets like this in the future.

Convention Exclusives

Convention Exclusive Pins

Zen Monkey Studios also travels to major conventions, releasing limited, numbered pins with every stop.

Cartoon Network, Spongebob Squarepants, etc…

Cartoon Network pins
Cartoon Network Blind Boxes

Zen Monkey Studios does more than TMNT. They have several licenses and they take a lot of pride in their entire roster. Check out what they have online and at a convention coming near you.

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