“Stuck on You” is another example of Raphael’s heart being in the right place, but his leadership skills are lacking. 

We start with all four turtles finding themselves stuck together. Each turtle controls 1 appendage as each stuggles to move as a unit. Donnie unveils new tricks for the Turtle Tank, and their on their way to the Art Museum. They keep finding themselves in more situations where splitting up is definitely the best option, but cant because they are now a giant glue ball. 

After knocking over countless valuable art pieces, most of the previous villains appear. Hypno Pottomus, Mutant Silverfish, the Foot Brute, and Warren Stone all show up to make things difficult for the turtles. The turtles soon learn how to work as a unit and take out the evil doers! They work together to take out the Foot, then rush over to find them messing with a super powered gauntlet. 

In the midst of the chaos, the glue ball breaks! The turtles are free, but Raphael is a bit disappointed in himself. His plan now seems stupid, and he concedes that his brothers were right. In another example of Leo taking charge through the series, he sees Raph’s disappointment and offers to join back together as the giant glue ball. They roll over their enemies and stop the Foot Brute, using Warren Stone as a belt. The turtles save the day and are closer as a family, but it looks like Warren Stone is now the keeper of the ancient gauntlet the Foot had. 

In “Al Be Back,” we regroup with one of the more terrifying RotTMNT villains so far.

Teamed up with Baxter Stock Boy, the robotic head of Alberto is now riding around on a remote control car. He takes over one of the working Alberto robots to regain a full body. After taking out the Alberto patrons, he takes over the other Alberto statues, ready to assemble an army.

Cutting back to the turtles, they have their first music gig coming up. It looks like it’ll take place at the same time the robot Alberto’s arrive to take over all the robots at Alberto Land. Now instead of 1 nightmare robo-bear, there are dozens of nightmare robo-bears! They stop the new ones, but the original Alberto-bot reaches the antennae, making him able to take over all the robots at the same time.

The turtles play their song and…!

…it’s awful. They aren’t playing a song, their all on their own page. Nothing about them is a band. The music is bad. So bad that the Alberto’s all explode on their own. Their… unique sound is what saves the day here.

I really like that the villains are starting to encounter more than the turtles. The writers are really good at escalating what has already been established in to a real threat. We’ve seen Hypno a few times, so to pair him with the Foot Brute makes sense. I like that Baxter has helped the evil robot Alberto. And while the first encounter with Alberto was scary, you heighten that with dozens of scary robo-Albertos! I also really like that, even though Leo is not the leader, he shows the most leadership qualities.

While I like the villains crossing each other, this one didn’t make me feel like like it helped the overall story. We got a tease of Warren Stone at the end of the 1st half, but I’m waiting for more push to an overall arch. I liked the special in episode 9, and now that momentum seems to have disappeared for now. I want to see more of where they’re headed, and these stories seemed a bit insular.

What did you think of this episode? With 10 episodes down, where do you see the series going? Let us know in the comments!

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