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TMNT to Get a New 2-D Animated Special on Nickelodeon this Fall

With the ever-expanding lineup of TMNT products and an always-growing demographic base, Nickelodeon is looking to take full advantage of the popularity to give fans of all ages (including those that may be a bit too young for the current incarnations of the franchise) the chance to see the turtles in action during a brand new special.

Set to air Sunday, November 22, Half-Shell Heroes: Blast to the Past features the smaller, younger looking turtles from the Half-Shell Heroes toy line.  The boys are sent back to the Jurassic period, where they befriend dinosaurs in order to take down evil aliens, Triceratons, Bebop, and Rocksteady.  With Leonardo and his triceratops, Raphael and a pterasaur, Michelangelo riding a stegosaur, and Donatello astride a Tyrannosaurus Rex, the turtles are sure to have the strength and skill necessary to kick alien butt no matter where it turns up.  The entire special will be animated in 2-D, and as a tie-in, Random House will be publishing a storybook companion.

While the Half-Shell Heroes line has appeared skewed towards younger viewers and toy enthusiasts, the one-hour special is sure to be fun for fans of all ages.  Certainly with the coming of the Triceratons in season four of the animated series, their appearance in this special may coincide nicely, and open up a much larger world of possibilities for the turtles.  So look forward to the brand new adventure this fall.

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Zach Gasior

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