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TMNT 2 Villains On Set, Including Bebop and Rocksteady (Photos)

The streets of New York City are filled with evil villains on the set of TMNT 2!

SPOILER ALERT: Here’s your first glimpse at the clumsy, but, brilliantly powerful Bebop and Rocksteady on set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 slated for release in the Summer of 2016.    The two have been spotted in a New York City bar, but they haven’t been mutated yet.

Actors Gary Anthony Williams (Bebop) and Stephan Farrelly (Rocksteady) fill the roles pre-transformation.  It seems, from these photos, that the duo won’t have much in the way of a wardrobe change after their mutations.

It’s nice to see that we’ll most likely be seeing Brian Tee in the new Turtles film as the Shredder, but in some live-action shots as well.  The previous Turtles film barely featured images of Shredder without his full body armor on.  Everyone appreciates a good villain, and seeing Master Shredder actually fight will be a sight for our sore eyes!

There are lots of martial artists on the new Turtles film set and things are really getting heated.   What do you think of the images?  Tell us below?


Today’s scenes were shot with:

  • Shredder (Brian Tee)
  • Bebop (Gary Anthony Williams)
  • Rocksteady (Stephen Farrelly aka “Sheamus on the WWE)
  • Karai (Brittany Ishibashi)
  • Foot-Clan Soliders

Shredder TMNT 2
Karai TMNT 2
Bebop TMNT 2

TMNT 2 Sheamus Rocksteady
Bebop and Rocksteady TMNT 2

Shredder 3 TMNT 2Shredder 2 TMNT 2

Ninja Turtles actors on set TMNT 2

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