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Details on Nickelodeons TMNT Season Finale

During a recent interview at in Nickelodeons Animation Studios, show producer Ciro Nieli gave some insight on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles season finale expected to air later this summer. Fans will finally be able to meet the powerful warlord from Dimension X, Kraang Prime!

Nieli had the following to say in the recent interview:

Nieli can you tell us about the Turtles?

“We got all kinds of stuff coming up. We have a one-hour special where the turtles are gonna finally infiltrate TCRI hopefully for the last time, where they can take down the Kraang threat once and for all.

Is there anyone leading the charge with The Kraang?

“Its kind of a secret but its this guy no one has seen before. Its about 25 feet tall of disgusting slimy tentacle squid monster. His name is Kraang Prime.

Has he been leading The Kraang the whole time?

Yea he’s been behind the scenes, him and his other friends we haven’t seen quite yet.

Roseanne Barr is set to guest star as Kraang Prime who speaks with a familiar Kraang tongue, but its superior intellect allow it to speak with a earthly tone and less abstruse phrasing. So who are Kraang Prime’s friends? Will the Ninja Turtles rescue April O’Neil in time? We hope you turtle fans enjoy this news and preview the images below and tell us your thoughts?


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