Turtle Bits: New Ninja Turtles Movie Details Revealed, More TMNT LEGOS

In today’s issue of Turtle Bits, we’ve got a little bit of a good news/bad news situation. On one hand, we’ve got even more information about the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles LEGO sets that will be hitting store shelves in January, but on the other hand Michael Bay’s new Ninja Turtle movie is finally starting to take shape. Some of you will find these both to be good news, but for those who have been staunchly against Bay’s production, this latest information may just be cringe worthy. With that in mind, let’s just start off with the news that is most definitely good!


While it has been announced that there will be TMNT LEGO sets early next year, we’ve only really seen a few pictures of what to expect. Being that a typical line from LEGO is bigger than just a few basic sets, fans have been left wondering whether or not there will be any others. Thankfully, we can now report to you that every single set has been revealed and there will be six in total. Previously, we saw what the Shellraiser Street Chase, Turtle Lair Attack and Stealth Shell in Pursuit sets will look like upon release. Now we finally have some box art for the final three sets, including Baxter’s Robot Rampage, Shredder’s Dragon Bike and Kraang Lab Escape. This awesome paring of a toy giant and the most radical group of turtles in the world is sure to make fans of both franchises happy.


Unfortunately, the news about the movie Ninja Turtles (so named supposedly for marketing reasons) may not be as well received. It appears that someone recently went on the IMDB profile for the film and made a few changes. Included in the changes is a short, but sweet synopsis of the film’s plot:

“Aliens invade Earth and inadvertently spawn a quartet of mutated reptile warriors, the Ninja Turtles, who rise up against them to defend the world.”


Now, before you all rise up and declare war against Michael Bay, let us dissect this description a bit. While it does infer that the turtles were the spawn of aliens, it does not say anything about them actually being aliens. In fact, this description pits the turtles against an alien invasion and only really differs from the original story line in that the creators of the mutagen are now aliens instead of beings from another dimension. While I’ll admit that this concept doesn’t sound much better than the one posited by Bay earlier this year, at least the main background for the story hasn’t changed as much as we all had originally feared. It’s a little early to just trust this description without merit, but if it is accurate, perhaps this movie won’t be so bad after all.

Lego Shredders Dragon Bike, TMNT

Lego Baxter Robot Rampage, TMNT

Lego Kraang Lab Escape, TMNT

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