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NECA Toys Super Shredder Unboxing

by Kyle Tobey

As NECA Toys continues to release the figures we all wanted from the 1990s movie, the amount of characters is starting to run low. But the latest release is set to continue the franchise with the release of Super Shredder!

The first figure from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Secret of the Ooze, Super Shredder is huge. He is the same scale as the other figures, but he noticeably towers over the turtles.

The paint job is bright purple. At first it’s almost jarring. But then you remember this is a screen accurate figure, and the paint job becomes a Neon reminder of the 90’s. The packaging is also a reminder of the source material. The box features artwork from the Secret of the Oooze, making the decision to take it out of the box more difficult than normal.

The figure comes with a TGRI canister, Shredder Axe, and interchangeable hands. 

Like almost every other TMNT figure produced by NECA, this one hits it out of the park. The details in clothing, from the cloth cape to the chain mail on the helmet, looks straight to from the movie.

Now, there were a few issues. NECA seems to have taken its critique of past releases to heart. I ordered this directly from NECA during their preorder period and things went overall smoothly. To avoid the hunt and shopping for this at Wal-Mart, it was worth paying the somewhat heavy shipping fee. However, this was not a great purchase for in box collectors. My figures box had dents and creases throughout. This was no fault of NECA, but rather the postal carrier who delivered it. The figure itself was strangely twisted in box. The midsection was shifted to the side and needed adjusting. Not a huge issue for me, but if you were looking for Mint in Box, this wasn’t going to help.

The midsection also seemed very loose. Almost like a bobble head. I was worried it would make the figure fall over once posed. But, I’m happy to report that, since bing positioned and posed, he has yet to fall once.

Cheesy, neon, and difficult, the figure sums up the decade it’s designed from. It’s a welcome addition to the film figures shelf. I’m excited to see how Super Shredder sizes up to the incoming Tokka and Rahzar. This is the toy we all wanted our turtles to fight as a kid. NECA seems to be working on their issues with getting product past scalpers and in to hands of collectors. If they keep up these practices along with spectacular figures, they’re sure to gain more and more fans along the way. And, lucky for us, that means more TMNT figures.

Did you order the Super Shredder? What do you think of this figure? Let us know in the comments!

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