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After the events of the last meeting, I wondered if Baron Draxum or Big Mama would reappear.

I wondered where we’d stand on Splinter being Lou Jitsu. Or where any of the previously met villains were. So much happened with the League of Evil Mutants, I wondered if they would continue the momentum leading to the season finale. Unfortunately, we got a couple episodes that were fun, but failed to give us any story advancement for the season.

“Smart Lair” starts with the brothers wanting to head to the roof to watch a movie. Splinter steps in and forces the turtles to clean the lair. Donnie comes up with his next invention, Shelldon. Shelldon is the lair’s artificial intelligence. While the brothers and Splinter were skeptical at first, Shelldon quickly sells them on his value in the best way; with snacks.

The relationship changes quickly when the other turtles realize Donatello programmed Shelldon to prefer him over the brothers. The other 3 reprogram Shelldon, who then tries to murder Donnie.

The episode lacked any real stakes. We knew the brothers would save Donnie. I kept looking for signs of things to come. Maybe Shelldon would turn to Metalhead? Maybe Stockboy would return? No. The turtles save the day. The end.

Next, Mikey is due for his first solo mission!

It seems like an easy one. He buys an old video game “Hot Sauce: The Game” in an online auction. The seller is in the city, so he’s going to pick up the game. Sounds easy enough.

Turns out, the Foot Clan’s newest recruit also needs to get the game. This new recruit is hyper intense. Her name was never spoken, so I wonder if this is an alternate Karai? The two newbies collide in a museum battle, using items for their advantage. We even get an Ice Cream Kitty shout out! Each trainee wins, only to have their efforts ruined by their own teams intrusion.

It was fun to see a Mikey solo mission! The action was great and the battle was intense. But, again, I feel like the season’s story isn’t advanced at all. Maybe they’re saving it for the season finale, but I was hoping for much more development with what we’re already invested in.

Editor's Rating

Fun, but pointless for the overall series.

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Kyle Tobey

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