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Comic Review: TMNT/Ghostbusters II #5

by Dan Gehen

All good things must come to an end, and we’ve reached the end of the road. It’s the final chapter of TMNT/Ghostbusters II. Will our heroes overcome the vengeful, ghostly visage of Darius Dun? Probably. Will there be any significant impact on either properties ongoing stories? Probably not. Will this be a fun ride? You betcha!

Comic Review: TMNT/Ghostbusters II #5

(W) Erik Burnham & Tom Waltz, (A) Charles Paul Wilson III and Dan Schoening, (C) Luis Antonio Delgado

Thus far, TMNT/Ghostbusters II has run readers through a gamut of situations. There have been Freaky Fridays, alternate worlds, workplace antics, and survivalist tactics. But the one one thing the first four installments did not prepare readers for was to be genuinely moved emotionally, and that’s exactly what happens in this final issue. Oh, and also provide a satisfying conclusion to this crossover event.

Throughout this miniseries, the writing from Erik Burnham and Tom Waltz has been on point as they have captured the essence of the characters, infusing each issue with heart where others may have leaned heavily into action. Their focus on strong characterization reaches its apex here, as the first half of the issue is dedicated to a touching reunion between the Ninja Turtles and their deceased mother, Tang Shen. Her loving words will affect anyone that has lost someone dear to them. It is a truly beautiful sequence, albeit slightly undercut by Charles Paul Wilson’s sloppy artwork.

The remainder of the issue gives fans a climactic battle that does not disappoint. Ghostbusters regular artist Dan Schoening takes over from here, and he floods each page with physicality and energy. Luis Antonio Delgado’s vibrant color palette not only unifies this issue visually, but it makes for a visual feast. And the method of attack deployed showcases the abilities of both the Turtles and the Ghostbusters. This climax is not all action either, as the writers make an effort to infuse the battle with humorous quips. Not only is this immensely entertaining, but it also frustrates the malevolent Darius Dun.

TMNT/Ghostbusters II #5 is a fantastic closing chapter to an entertaining miniseries. Fans from either franchise will find something to enjoy, though this issue is admittedly Turtle-heavy. Full of action and heart, this concluding chapter does something truly unexpected – providing a plot point that may actually affect the TMNT beyond this series. With this issue, TMNT/Ghostbusters II went from an interesting adventure to a must-read for shellheads.

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Elisa December 2, 2017 - 11:50 am

I was not at all expecting this crossover to have as much heart as it did. And this issue certainly packed a big emotional punch. Kudos to the writers. I really enjoyed this crossover overall! I was a little disappointed by the art in the scenes with Tang Shen and I wish they had selected someone else, but fortunately the writing is still wonderful.

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