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None other than John Cena will be taking on the role of a new villain in Rise of the TMNT. Image Source: Nickelodeon.
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Although we still don’t know what Rise of the TMNT will look like, we are finding out a lot about the voice actors who will be playing various characters on the show. A few months ago, Nickelodeon revealed the voices

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Check out the latest WWE TMNT figures from Playmates Toys! Image Source: Playmates, WWE.
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Late last year, Playmates Toys shocked both shellheads and wrestling fans alike by announcing that they would be releasing a special series of WWE TMNT toys. This set of figures included Michelangelo as Macho Man Randy Savage, Raphael as Sting,

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At least two stunt doubles worked with Stephen Farrelly to bring Rocksteady to life. Days before his big win at the TLC match this past weekend, WWE fans were noting something interesting about the wrestler’s first appearance as Rocksteady in

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