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Playmates Announces Second Series of WWE TMNT Figures

by Justin W
Check out the latest WWE TMNT figures from Playmates Toys! Image Source: Playmates, WWE.

Late last year, Playmates Toys shocked both shellheads and wrestling fans alike by announcing that they would be releasing a special series of WWE TMNT toys. This set of figures included Michelangelo as Macho Man Randy Savage, Raphael as Sting, Leonardo as John Cena, and Donatello as The Undertaker. Although most fans were just happy to see such an awesome crossover, others were wondering why their favorite wrestling superstars weren’t featured in this series of TMNT figures. Thankfully, Playmates recently revealed that they have plans for yet another series in this toy line.

During Toy Fair 2017, the next four WWE TMNT figures were unveiled to the public. This time around, Leonardo will take on the role of Finn Balor, Michelangelo will look like Rowdy Roddy Piper, Donatello will dress up as The Ultimate Warrior, and Raphael will smell what The Rock is cooking. If you thought the first series was pretty cool, chances are that the second series will be even more impressive. Fans of both franchises are likely to be quite happy with the choice of superstars on display here, as most of them are very popular.

Who doesn't want Donny dressed up as The Ultimate Warrior? Image Source: WWE, Playmates.
Leo as Finn Balor is a surprisingly good fit. Image Source: Playmates, WWE.

Sadly, we don’t know exactly when these WWE TMNT figures will be brought to market. If they already have the figures designed and painted, chances are that you won’t have to wait too much longer. That being said, Playmates Toys has been known to sit on their products and wait for the most opportune time to release them. Given that Wrestlemania is arguably the most significant WWE event of the year, I would guess that you can expect to see these TMNT toys hit store shelves around the same time as that event. This gives Playmates roughly two months to officially release the second series of this toy line.

As for the price point, expect this series of WWE TMNT figures to cost about as much as the first – roughly $20-$40 on average. While some may find this a bit cost prohibitive, others will be more than happy to pay whatever it costs to collect all four of these new TMNT toys.

Mikey as Rowdy Roddy Piper? Sign me up! Image Source: WWE, Playmates.
Can you smell what The Raph is cookin? It kinda smells like pizza! Image Source: WWE, Playmates.

Are you excited to see Playmates Toys announce yet another series of WWE TMNT figures? Will you be picking up these crossover TMNT toys? Share your thoughts and plans either in the comments below or on Facebook/Twitter.

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