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“The Evil of Dregg” diverted attention away from the main conflict of the season in exchange for pouring on the feels on our dear friend Raph. While it’s a little frustrating to not see the fallout from the Turtles losing

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When your episode guest stars the voices of Peter Stormare, Ron Perlman, and Lucy Lawless, you know you’ve got a good episode on your hands. After a long hiatus, TMNT returned with a solid episode about getting the second black

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New Playmates TMNT toys at Toy Fair 2016
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Have I ever mentioned how much I love Pixel Dan? Not only is he an unabashed TMNT fan, but he is also obsessed with toys, which means that he features a lot of cool Playmates TMNT toys on his Youtube

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“Is that a … space shark?!” – Raphael   Lord Dregg is still looking for the turtles, and has called upon a bounty hunter named Armaggon to track them down and kill every single one. Meanwhile, on Professor Honeycutt’s ship,

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San Diego Comic-con has already revealed some fairly awesome news about our heroes in a half shell, but Nickelodeon’s press conference about the latest season of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles offered even more bombshells to the fans. Last year, shellheads

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