Nickelodeon TMNT Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Episode Guide

Season 5 Episode 20 “The Big Blowout”

The Ninja Turtles (with the aid of April, Casey, Karai, Shinigami) enlist the help of the Mighty Mutanimals to stop 1987 series Krang and Shredder from destroying the 2012 series Earth, with a little help from the unlikeliest of mutants.


Season 5 Episode 19 “The Foot Walks Again!”
When Renet and the Turtles return to a world run by monsters, they realize they have made the situation even worse

Season 5 Episode 18 “Wanted: Bebop & Rocksteady”

When the 1987 series version of the Shredder and Krang appear in the 2012 Ninja Turtles’ dimension, they employ the present Bebop and Rocksteady, and find their plans succeeding better than ever.

Season 5 Episode 17 “Monsters Among Us”
When Renet and the Turtles return to a world run by monsters, they realize they have made the situation even worse.

Season 5 Episode 16 “The Frankenstein Experiment”

Savanti recruits Frankenstein’s Monster and will soon unleash his creatures on the 21st century.


Season 5 Episode 15“The Crypt of Dracula”
The Turtles’ plans to enjoy Halloween are put on hold when strange monsters threaten to transform New York City.


Season 5 Episode 14 “The Curse of Savanti Romero”
The Turtles’ plans to enjoy Halloween are put on hold when strange monsters threaten to transform New York City.

Season 5 Episode 13 “Carmageddon!”
Still trapped in “the Pit”, Raphael manages to defeat his two opponents and is hailed as leader of both tribes by the crowd.

Season 5 Episode 12 “The Impossible Desert”
Raphael, Donatello and Mira continue to be trapped by constant sandstorms throughout the desert, but are saved by none other than Chompy Picasso, who has grown considerably over the decades

Season 5 Episode 11 “The Wasteland Warrior”
In an alternate post-apocalyptic future, all humans and most of the mutant population have been wiped out due to an extremely powerful mutagen bomb

Season 5 Episode 10 “Lone Rat and Cubs”
When Splinter is mutated into a sewer rat, he must learn to survive the life of a mutant on the run while protecting 4 infant mutant turtles from the Kraang. It is a flashback set before the events of “Rise of the Turtles“.

Season 5 Episode 9 “Kagayake! Kintaro”
As they reach their destination, Usagi and the Turtles must help young Kintaro fulfill his destiny.iny.

Season 5 Episode 8 “Osoroshi no Tabi”
Usagi leads the Turtles through a haunted forest, where they end up encountering mischievous and highly dangerous spirits.

Season 5 Episode 7 “Yojimbo”
The Ninja Turtles are transported to an alternate dimension, where they befriend the Samurai Rabbit and fierce master swordsman, Miyamoto Usagi.

Season 5 Episodes 5/6 “When Worlds Collide Pt.1/2”The Newtralizer returns to New York City, more powerful than ever before, and joins forces with a dangerous and unexpected ally in Lord Dregg. With the help of Mona Lisa and Sal Commander, the Turtles fight back to defend their city.

Season 5 Episode 4 “End Times”
Kavaxas reveals his treachery, freeing himself from the Seal of the Ancients and releasing an army of Ghosts onto the world, including Ho Chan. Now it’s up to the Turtles, Karai, Leatherhead, and the ghost of Splinter to stop him.

Season 5 Episode 3 “Heart of Evil”
Donnie and the Turtles battle Don Vizioso to retrieve Shredder’s heart.

Season 5 Episode 2 “The Forgotten Swordsman”
Karai searches for Kuro Kaubuto when she encounters an old enemy.

Season 5 Episode 1 “Scroll of the Demodragon”
The Turtles face a new villain.

Season 4 Episode 26 “Owari”
Following the death of Splinter, the Turtles decide to end Super Shredder once and for all.

Season 4 Episode 25 “Requiem”
Super Shredder returns for vengeance, the Turtles must call on Splinter, April, Casey and the Mighty Mutanimals for help.

Season 4 Episode 24 “Tale of Tiger Claw”
A new female mutant named Alopex appears with a grudge against Tiger Claw.

Season 4 Episode 23 ” Tokka vs. The World
Tokka returns after her presumed death, when she finds out her baby is missing and searches desperately to find it.

Season 4 Episode 22 “The Power Inside Her”
Donatello is concerned over April’s increasing psychic power abilities.

Season 4 Episode 21 “Darkest Plight”
The Turtles search for Master Splinter, but are also being hunted themselves.

Season 4 Episode 20 “The Super Shredder”
The Turtles face the Super Shredder, will the be able to defeat him?

Season 4 Episode 19 “Bat in the Belfry”
Michelangelo befriends some odd new local heroes called Wingnut and Screwloose.

Season 4 Episode 18 “Mutant Gangland”
Don Vizioso’s crew tracks down the turtles and attacks with anti mutant weapons.

Season 4 Episode 17 “The Insecta Trifecta”
Raphael is forced to overcome his fear of insects and lead the team into battle against Baxter Stockman and his new henchman.

Seasons 4 Episode 16 “Broken Foot”
Leonardo discretely allies with Karai and get himself into deeper danger than he anticipated.

Season 4 Episode 15 “City at War”
The turtles face against some old foes while April deals with a deadly new enemy.

Season 4 Episode 14 “Earth’s Last Stand”
Fugitoid returns the turtles to Earth and reveals a horrible secret about his past.

Season 4 Episode 13 “The Ever-Burning Fire”
The turtles travel to planet Magdomar to recover the final piece of the black hole generator.

Season 4 Episode 12 “The Evil of Dregg”
Raphael loses his fighting abilities and is forced to overcome his feelings to rescue his brothers.

Season 4 Episode 11 “Revenge of the Triceratons”
The Triceratons return to steal pieces of the black hole generator.

Season 4 Episode 10 “Trans-Dimensional Turtles”
Old turtles meet new turtles as they join alliances to battle against Kraang, the good guys must get acquainted first.

Season 4 Episode 9 “The Cosmic Ocean”
The Ninja Turtles voyage through the Varuna ocean.

Season 4 Episode 8 “The War for Dimension X
The turtles are forced to trust the Utrom Council in order to find the next piece of the black hole generator.

Season 4 Episode 7 “The Arena of Carnage”
The turtles are captured and thrown into a arena filled with Triceratons. Working together has never been more important.

Season 4 Episode 6 “Journey to the Center of Mikey’s Mind”
When microscopic aliens invade Michelangelo’s mind, the brothers have to hunt them down through the strange world of Mikey’s subconscious.

Season 4 Episode 5 “Riddle of The Ancient Aeons”
The Ninja Turtles disembark onto a planet of pure evil.

Season 4 Episode 4 “The Outlaw Armaggon”
He is a giant shark with a cybernetic shark suit, he is Armaggon, a powerful bounty hunter!

Season 4 Episode 3 “The Weird World of Wyrm”
Casey Jones accidentally unlocks a Hypercube that Wyrm is trapped in. Things get messy from there.

Season 4 Episode 2 “The Moons of Thalos 3”
The team accidentally crashes on a ice moon and runs into an enemy. Both parties have to put their differences aside to survive.

Season 4 Episode 1 “Beyond the Universe”
Fugitoid saves the Ninja Turtles from a Triceraton attack. The group shortly runs into the powerful Lord Dregg.

Season 3 Episode 26 “Annihlation Earth, Part 2”
A continuation from a two-part episode in Nickelodeon TMNT season 3 finale.

Season 3 Episode 25 “Annihlation Earth, Part 1”
The turtles get word a new Kraang invasion is set, but they realize a bigger threat is coming to earth.

Season 3 Episode 24 “Dinosaurs Seen in the Sewers”
Raphael makes friends with Zog, an alien Triceraton

Season 3 Episode 23 “The Fourfold Trap”
The Ninja Turtles are baited by an unknown enemy into a lethal trap.

Season 3 Episode 22 “The Creeping Doom”
Donatello experiences an accident and begins to slowly lose his intelligence.

Season 3 Episode 21 “Attack of the Mega Shredder”
Leonardo sneaks into Shredder’s lair alone to discover the biggest mutant threat.

Season 3 Episode 20 “Tale of the Yokai”
The turtles encounter a familiar clan when transported back in time. Is this return of Tang Shen?

Season 3 Episode 19 “Turtles in Time”
The ninja turtles are beamed back in time by the apprentice Time Master Renet, they must defeat the Time Master Savanti Romero.

Season 3 Episode 18 “The Deadly Venom”
Karai is brainwashed and begins to hunt the turtles.

Season 3 Episode 17 “Meet Mondo Gecko”
The famous Mondo Gecko will make his highly anticipated debut.

Season 3 Episode 16 “Clash of the Mutanimals”
The Shredder mind control concoction is in place and he begins experimenting on The Mighty Mutanimals and Raphael.

Season 3 Episode 15 “The Noxious Avenger”
In the wake of the devastating crime wave that threatened their home, the residents of New York City begin to celebrate heroic accomplishments of a mysterious new mutant, who seems to be committed to helping those in need.

Season 3 Episode 14 “Casey Jones VS. the Underworld
Casey Jones gets way over his head when he tries taking the Underworld alone. He allegedly meets the powerful and dark Hun.

Season 3 Episode 13 “Battle for New York” Part 2
The team takes the blimp over to TCRI headquarters and get some outside help from a group called The Mighty Mutanimals.

Season 3 Episode 12 “Battle for New York” Part 1
Mikey’s tomfoolery accidentally turns Donatello’s retro mutagen into much more. This new discovery gives the Ninja Turtles an edge to cure every mutated human.

Season 3 Episode 11 “The Pig and the Rhino”
Shredder’s new henchman Bebop and Rocksteady are hunting down the turtles, just as Donatello finishes a new retro mutagen for Karai.

Season 3 Episode 10 “Serpent Hunt”
Shredder’s henchman and the turtles are searching for Karai. Steranko and Zeck encounter a change they never accepted.

Season 3 Episode 9 “Return to the City!”
The whole gang heads back to New York City w/ lots of new gadgets to help them eliminate the chaos started by the Kraang.

Season 3 Episode 8 “Vision Quest”
The Ninja Turtles discover their inner channels and change their costumes. It may be time they travel back to New York.

Season 3 Episode 7 “Eyes of the Chimera”
Leonardo and April O’Neil are left to wounded and shorthanded after a giant creature captures Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo and Casey.

Season 3 Episode 6 “Race with the Demon”
Casey Jones and Donatello bond while building a hot rod but their bond is challenged by a hot-rodding mutant.

Season 3 Episode 5 “In Dreams”
The Ninja Turtles are trapped in a dream world and they get some help from April O’Neil.

Season 3 Episode 4 “The Croaking”Michelangelo is fed up of being blamed by his brothers, so he hits the road to be alone. He soon discovers some mysterious frogs.

Season 3 Episode 3 “Buried Secrets”
The guys discover a Kraang ship buried underneath April O’Neil’s house, they also uncover April’s lost mother.

Season 3 Episode 2 “A Foot Too Big”
The turtles discover big foot in the woods and Donnie chooses to befriend it. They soon discover a hunter who calls himself “The Finger” is hunting Big Foot.

Season 3 Episode 1 “Within The Woods”
Everyone needed a break after after the Kraang invasion so April, Casey, and the turtles take refuge far from the city inside a cabin within the woods.

Season 2 Episode 20 “Vengeance is Mine” (airs 6/29)

Leo plans a rescue mission against Master Splinter’s will. After he gets captured, Karai breaks out and plans a rescue mission on her own.

Season 2 Episode 19 “Plan 10″ (airs 6/22)

Raphael breaks a Kraang machine and as a malfunction, Raphael switches minds with the Kraang. Raphael must convince his brothers it’s him before everyone gets destroyed.

Season 2 Episode 18 “The Legend of Kuro Kabuto”

Leonardo must convince his brothers to save Karai as he continues to worry over her, but other problems emerge when someone steals Shredder’s helmet and it winds up in the turtle possession, leaving the evil Shredder to focus his fury on them.

Season 2 Episode 17 “The Wrath of Tiger Claw”

Karai learns the truth about her biological father and Tiger Claw returns to the city vowing to put an end to the Ninja Turtles.

Season 2 Episode 16 “Pizza Face”

A human mutates into a Pepperoni and Mushroom pizza and drives Michelangelo crazy.

Season 2 Episode 15 “Newtralized!”

The Newtralizer and Slash team up to destroy the Kraang. Matters become dangerous when Newtralizer’s plans become destructive.

Season 2 Episode 14 “The Lonely Mutation of Baxter Stockman”

Baxter Stockman kidnaps Karai and April O’Neil in an attempt to mutate them.

Season 2 Episode 13 “Mazes & Mutants”

The brothers play a fantasy LARP game to get their minds off past issues and end up seperating the difference between fantasy and reality.

Season 2 Episode 12 “Wormquake”

NYC is experiencing earthquakes meanwhile the turtles find a interdimensional way station and meet the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Season 2 Episode 11 “Of Rats and Men”

The Ninja Turtles go into battle against the Rat King as he makes a vigorous return to take over NYC but an odd ally helps at a pinnacle moment.

Season 2 Episode 10 “Metalhead Rewired”

Donatello reinvigorates Metalhead to make him the ultimate machine. After trouble alerts, Metalhead’s artificial intelligence makes a shocking move.

Season 2 Episode 9 “Fungus Humungous”

The Turtles along with Casey and April are stuck facing their worst fears against a brand new mutant, the Fungus Humungous. Mega action in this episode!

Season 2 Episode 8 “The Kraang Conspiracy”

April joins on a mission to TCRI, but upon arriving at the facility, the Turtles learn a shocking tidbit regarding April’s past and her childhood upbringing.

Season 2 Episode 8 “The Good, the Bad, and Casey Jones

Raphael finds Casey Jones attempting to fight crime in NYC on his own and the two battle each other. They end up teaming up to reprise the ultimate duo.

Season 2 Episode 7 “Slash and Destroy”

The Turtles discover that they are being hunted by a new threat, another mutant turtle called Slash, who has a personal vendetta against the turtle brothers.

Season 2 Episode 6 “Target: April O’Neil”

April tried to resume a normal teenage life but comes to the realization that she may have to put her friend Casey Jones in danger when Karai starts hunting her again.

Season 2 Episode 5 “Mikey Gets Shellacne” The guys continue to fight evil villains and confront New York City; Michelangelo has grown tired of being the smallest and youngest, but when he messes around with some mutagen, things get out of hand as he contracts a dangerous mutating infection.

Season 2 Episode 4 “Mutagen Man Unleashed” Donatello experiments with mutagen in an attempt to find a cure for April’s mutated father. Donnie’s experiment goes wrong and he unleashes Timothy (AKA The Pulverizer) into the city.

Season 2 Episode 3 “Follow the Leader” The Turtles face their newest threat from Shredder, an army of robotic Foot soldiers who are better suited to fight, but things get more difficult when Karai captures Leonardo and forces him to fight the soldiers who can adapt to his moves.

Season 2 Episode 2 “Invasion of the Squirrelanoids”

The Turtles find a mutated squirrel while tracking for mutagen and bring it back, but trouble arises when the animal starts multiplying and attempt to get free.

Season 2 Episode 1 “The Mutation Situation”

The Turtles are presented with a huge problem when they learn Shredder has teamed up with Kraang in order to receive a batch of mutagen for their own usage, and their new problems with Shredder even put their friendship with April at risk.

Season 1 Episode 26 “Showdown” One Hour Special

As the Turtles make a desperate assault on TCRI to shut down an alien portal, they find themselves engaging in the most difficult battle yet.

Season 1 Episode 25 “Operation Breakout”

Donatello breaks into a Kraang detention center in order to free their captive Kirby O’Neil, but when he realized they are trapped inside the center with a deadly mutant, he soon discovers that breaking in was the easiest part of his rescue.

Season 1 Episode 24 “Pulverizer Returns”

The Turtles are forced to rely on the new recruit to the Foot Clan in order to compete against the fearsome army of mutants that the Shredder has put together, hoping this self-created hero can provide the help they need to defeat Shredder’s army.

Season 1 Episode 23 “Parasitica”

Michelangelo is the lone survivor when Leonardo, Donatello, and Raphael fall under the control of the evil parasitic Wasp, leaving him to save the trio before they are tasked to cause damage and free them of being under the evils control.

Season 1 Episode 22 “The Pulverizer Returns”

The Turtles are forced to rely on the new recruit to the Foot Clan in order to compete against the fearsome army of mutants that the Shredder has put together.

Season 1 Episode 21 “Karai’s Vandetta”

While the Turtles are infiltrating a Kraang base under the sea, the Foot Clan seizes the opportunity to capture April, and with Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello unable to help, she must engage with a battle of wits against Karai alone.

Season 1 Episode 20 “Enemy of my Enemy”

Karai realizes how serious the alien threat really is after witnessing the Kraang in action and comes to Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello with a proposal to ally against their common enemy until the danger abates.

Season 1 Episode 19 “Baxter’s Gambit”

Baxter Stockman is tired of being embarrassed by Fishface and Dogpound and bested by Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Donatello, so he lures all of them into a labyrinth full of dangerous turns and deadly surprises to get his revenge.

Season 1 Episode 18 “Cockroach Terminator”

Donnie’s plan to spy on Kraang’s plot by sending a camera equipped cockroach into TCRI headquarters goes sour when the cockroach mutates and attacks the TMNT.

Season 1 Episode 17 “TCRI”

The Ninja Turtles hunt for the stolen power core and meet General Traag

Season 1 Episode 16 “The Pulverizer”

Donatello introduces “The Shellraiser” and the turtles meet their first crimefighting fan called The Pulverizer.

Season 1 Episode 15 “The Alien Agenda”

Aprils latest school science project gets extra attention from The Kraang.

Season 1 Episode 14 “New Girl In Town”

After another Leonardo and Raphael argument, Raphael takes charge and Leo gets acquainted with a dangerous female ninja named Karai.

Season 1 Episode 13 “I, Monster”

The Rat King makes his debut as he attempts to control New York City and Splinters mind.

Season 1 Episode 12 “It Came from the Depths”

A rampant alligator with Kraang technology is running loose in the sewers and Michelangelo and company attend to his aid.

Season 1 Episode 11 ” Mousers Attack”

The Ninja Turtles divide into two groups as Donatello and Michelangelo try to prove they’re just as powerful as Leonardo and Raphael. Meanwhile Dr. Baxter Stockman releases his Mousers into the city.

Season 1 Episode 10 “Panic in the Sewers”

Master Shredder has a plan to wipe out the sewers of New York city with a chemical toxin and the Ninja Turtles along with Donatello’s new creation, attempt to stop him.

Season 1 Episode 9 “The Gauntlet”

April receives a note from her dad about a potential bomb and the Ninja Turtles run into Master Shredder

Season 1 Episode 8 “Never Say Xever”

Xever is appointed a leader and he crosses the line by taking hostages.

Season 1 Episode 7 “Monkey Brains”

A missing scientist is on the loose and the turtles find a giant Monkey with psychic abilities.

Season 1 Episode 6 “Metalhead”

Donatello’s creation new robotic machine Metalhead joins the team to help fight The Kraang.

Season 1 Episode 5 “I Think his name is Baxter Stockman”

The Ninja Turtles come across a mechanical body suit who’s controlled by yours truly, Baxter Stockman.

Season 1 Episode 4 “New Friend, Old Enemy”

Michelangelo seeks for a human friend and get one through a social network site, the Ninja Turtles soon find out Mikey’s friend has close ties with Master Shredder.

Season 1 Episode 3 “Turtle Temper”

Master Splinter helps Raphael focus on his martial arts rather than his colossal temper. Raphael’s temper is pushed all the way as the Ninja Turtles come across a loud mouth New York citizen.

Season 1 Episode 2 “Rise of the Turtles Part 2″

The turtles have to get caught up in life above the sewers as they pursue to rescue April O’Neil.

Season 1 Episode 1 “Rise of the Turtles Part 1″

The legacy begins with The Ninja Turtles as they hit the streets of New York for the first time to help a teenage girl and her father from near abduction.