How to Paper Mache Mask Ninja Turtle

In an effort to be more green (pun intended) we are going to try to create a paper mache TMNT mask instead of purchasing a pre-made plastic one. Here we go.
Paper mache anything takes a lot of materials and this is no different. You will need a balloon, a mug, glue, a mixing cup and bowl, craft glue, a newspaper, some cardboard, printer paper, dummy head like for a wig, knife, paint, brushes and a strip of colored ribbon.

  • • Inflate the balloon to the size of the head the mask will go on. Put it in the mug to work on it.
  • • Make the paper mache paste by combining ¾ cups of glue and ¼ cup of water. Tear the newspaper into strips about an inch wide.
  • • Take one of the brushes and start coating the newspaper strips with the paste mixture and laying them over the balloon. Wait for each layer to dry before adding another one.
  • • When the paste is dry, deflate the balloon to remove it from the mask.
  • • With a detailing knife, cut out spaces for the eyes, nose and mouth.
  • • Paint the head the correct colors for the turtle you wish and let it dry.
  • • When the paint is dry, get the ribbon in the color of the turtle you are making the mask of and cut eyeholes out.
  • Wrap it around the front of the mask and all the way around the head and this ribbon will serve a dual purpose. The first is in identifying which turtle you are and the second is to hold the mask in place.