How to Make Ninja Turtle Cupcakes

Cowabunga dudes! It looks like people of all ages are throwing Ninja Turtles themed parties these days. A party isn’t a party without cake and there’s no better choice for a party like this than Ninja Turtle cupcakes. Here is a video tutorial on how you can make your own TMNT cupcakes, with written instructions to follow.


Corn flour in a shaker
Circular cookie cutter – 3.5 in
Black food coloring
13 mm piping tube Loyal Thermo
Green buttercream frosting
Red, green, and white fondant
Butter knife
Sharp knife
Cutting board
Rolling pin
Pizza Cutter
Small paintbrush


1. Bake the cupcakes by following the directions on any store-bought cake box.
2. Cover the cupcake with green buttercream frosting. Put multiple layers to create a dome shape.
3. Shave/scrape off a little bit of the frosting on one side of the cupcake. This will make the cupcake look more like a face.
4. Place the cupcake in freezer for 5 minutes and then take it out.
5. Roll the green fondant into a ball with your hand and squish it into a flat circle.
6. Sprinkle some corn flour on the cutting board and place the fondant circle on it.
7. Roll out the green fondant with the rolling pin.
8. Cut out a circle with the cookie cutter.
9. Take that circle and lay it over the center of the cupcake. Use your fingers to tuck and cover the cupcake with the fondant.
10. Roll the red fondant in your hand to make it into a sausage-like shape.
11. Place it on the cutting board and use the rolling pin to flatten it out.
12. Cut out a rectangle. This will serve as the bandana. Make sure that the width of the rectangle is bigger than the 13mm piping tube.
13. Using the 13mm piping tube, cut two holes on the bandana.
14. Place the bandana on top of the cupcake.
15. Use a little bit of red fondant to create the knot part of the bandana and stick it onto the cupcake.
16. Take the white fondant and fill in the two holes on the bandana for the eyes.
17.  Flatten out some white fondant with the rolling pin.
17. Cut out a long tear-shaped piece for the mouth.
18. Position the mouth on the cupcake.
19. Use the black food coloring and paintbrush to draw on features like the eyeballs and mouth.
20. Take some leftover pieces of the red fondant to make the eyebrows.
21. Place the eyebrows on the cupcake to give the Ninja Turtles an expression with a little attitude.