How to Crochet a Ninja Turtle Blanket

To crochet a Ninja Turtle blanket you will need the yarn in the appropriate colors as well as a published pattern or one of your own making.

The first thing that you will need to do is to chain the exact number of stitches specified on the design chart.  You will then make a crochet (single) into the second chain beginning from the hook and then into each subsequent chain across.  Next, chain one and then turn the work.

Now you need to start following the cart.  The bottom right corner is where you should begin.  No matter what the chart says there, then do it.  If that first stitch should be a space then just skip it and chain one making the space.  Your second stitch should be on the chart to the immediate left of the one that you just worked.  Do whatever stitch it calls for there.  Continue in this fashion across the entire row and when you reach the end of the row, chain on and then turn.

When you get to the second row then follow the chart back across from left to right this time.  Do not count your turning chain as a stitch as it will not be on the chart.  When you reach the end of each row you will need to chain one and turn.

If you continue in this fashion you will soon see the Ninja Turtle take shape.

When you reach the end then do one row of nothing but single crochets.  Fasten it properly and then cut your yarn being sure to weave all of the ends in.