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Loot Crate Capsule TMNT Shirt Collection

by Kyle Tobey

I have a ton of TMNT shirts. And I always get excited when there’s a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles design that has a bit more… edge to it.

Yes, I’m aware I sound like a complete jerk saying that. But, please, let me explain. There is a ton of TMNT merchandise out there. It’s a multi-million maybe billion dollar franchise. And 98% of it features the characters from the classic 80’s cartoon. Obviously there’s nothing wrong with that, like what you like, but it only makes me more excited to finally find a design that stands out from the traditional 4-turtle pose.

LootCrate announced a new capsule collection featuring TMNT designs inspired by metal bands. I love it. Each design has a completely different feel and character focus. It doesn’t sacrifice style for quality either, as each shirt feels super soft and has a silkscreen tag, in lieu of the itchy regular tag.

Shredder’s design is based from a Judas Priest album cover. Bebop and Rocksteady form a great parody of the Motörhead logo. The Turtles take from the Glam metal era. And (my favorite) Metalhead’s shirt design borrows from great 80’s thrash metal albums.

If you’re interested, please check out the collection through THIS LINK

Shirts are $30 each + Shipping. If you get all 4 you get a discount and bonus pair of socks! I really love all the designs from the collection. LootCrate is a known and trusted source for geek culture and has featured other TMNT exclusives through the years. Supporting this crate could mean much more TMNT stuff in the future.

Note, this is not a paid ad. However, we may receive a small commission with any purchases made through our affiliate link HERE.

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