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by Chris M. P.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #106

Story by Sophie Campbell with Tom Waltz and Kevin Eastman

Art by Nelson Daniel and Ronda Pattinson 

Published by IDW 

Released July 29th, 2020

The Turtles take to the sewers to confront the deadly new creature that has been stalking mutants. When their home court advantage is turned against them, no one is safe! Meanwhile, a falling out between Baxter and April could have dire consequences for Mutant Town!

“Mousers and Sewers! Just like old times, eh?” – Michelangelo 

You’ve got that right, Mikey. We’re back after a quick break diving right into TMNT #107. The local legend of an eel-like creature known as “The Slithery” is abducting kids across Mutant Town. But the Turtles are on the case! Yet with mousers being involved…does this unveil a puppet master behind The Slithery to begin with? Issue 107 feels more like a TMNT tale of old. With familiar faces like April O’Neil and Baxter Stockman and the majority of the issue being in the sewer taking out mousers. I enjoyed seeing the Turtles back in this regard. I also like the new character of “Lita” and the troubles she’s going through to prove to her masters (and herself) that she has what it takes to be a ninja. I also appreciate Jennika taking a backseat as the story moves forward. I feel like she’s been given enough character development to be considered “one of the clan”. So I enjoy her now being written for the present. 

The artwork of Daniel and Pattinson is better this time around. It may because Daniel has a much better stylistic grasp on bold shadows. And with the majority of this issue taking place in the dark cold sewers of Mutant Town, Daniel’s minimal highlights coupled with Pattinson’s cool colors create a moody atmosphere. And, therefore, a nice looking book. 

The issue turns full on “horror movie” towards the final pages as our Turtles seem to get closer to uncovering The Slithery. As we end with April O’Neil making a (not so) jaw dropping discovery as who’s behind the mousers. It’s a solid issue moving at a brisk pace with stylistic art. The current story is a much needed smaller scope. I personally believe the TMNT work best in that regard, so it’s refreshing to return to this focus..for now anyway. If you’ve been keeping up with the series, it’s clear there’s bigger issues to be covered…but, for now, I enjoy what Campbell, Waltz, and Eastman are giving us. But pacing this is key. 


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #107 is now available wherever comics are sold! 


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