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New York Toy Fair 2019: NECA Toys

by Kyle Tobey

NECA Toys has been one of the top toy brands to carry the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle License. Their TMNT figures consistently sell out with every convention exclusive, and their quarter scale figures based on the 90’s movie have put NECA at the top of every collector’s “must-have” list. With giant reveals in the past, I was excited to see what they had up their sleeve for this year’s Toy Fair. Let’s take a look.

Bebop and Rocksteady 7inch Figures

Bebop & Rocksteady

This was a huge reveal that had the convention talking. These figures were on display with no release or details, but I hear we they might be part of another wave of Fred Wolf based figures. As soon we we know more information, we’ll post.

Target Exclusive 2-Packs

2 Packs, Bebop & Rocksteady

These have been rumored, and now confirmed. These two-packs based on the original cartoon are coming exclusively to Target soon! Really soon. By the end or March soon. Keep checking the NECA section at your local Target. Be sure to pick them up so we can keep getting more awesome figures! Each pack comes with 2 figures.

Leonardo & Shredder

Michelangelo & Foot Soldier

Donatello & Krang

Rahael & Foot Soldier.

Shredder and Foot Soldier Quarter Scale Figures

Shredder & Foot Soldier
1/4 Shredder
1/4th Shredder detail

The Foot Soldier is shipping to retailers March 18, and Shredder sometime in the spring. The Foot Soldier is impressive, but this Shredder is a piece of art. The detail in the face and clothing is outstanding. It’s a level of detail that can only be done by people who love these characters and want to see them done right. The mask is removable on the Shredder to reveal his Splinter given scar. Shredder’s cape is worth whatever price they want to charge. There’s a chance this one could come to a smaller scale down the line, but don’t wait on this one.

City Diorama

City Diorama

A variation on their TMNT specific diorama that was on sale during SDCC last year, this city is great for showing off any TMNT figures, or any figures, who need a city backdrop. No release date was given, but this is a great piece for anyone looking for something a bit different than their Ikea Detolf.

TMNT Head Knockers

TMNT Head Knockers

These head knockers are great bobble heads for the collector with a smaller budget. These are high quality figures based on the original cartoon.

Godzilla, Guillermo del Toro, Alien, and more

Godzilla closeup
Pan’s Labyrinth Collection
Shape of Water
Alien Figure
Terminator 2
Terminator 2
Terminator 2

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is only one of the licenses NECA has access to. They have a fantastic lines from Godzilla, Terminator, Alien, and a TON of horror. The Guillermo del Toro line is a perfect fit for the company and I’m excited to see where that goes as well.

Please support NECA toys if you like their stuff! The more we support them, the more cool stuff they can keep releasing.

Still waiting on those Dimension X figures, guys!!

Life Size Leo

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