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With Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles now on the third episode, we’re fleshing out the world and stories a bit more.

This episode in particular slit the episode wonderfully, with both episodes fleshing out the world, giving us new characters, and expanding on the brothers’ relationship.

Origami Tsunami has been my favorite so far.

In this episode, Splinter tells them with some training, they could learn the art of Ninjitsu. In their excitement, they search for low level crimes they can take on. A notice about a string of paper store robberies peaks Leonardo’s interest. They create their own shoddy paper store (that sells “Paper Salami”) to lure the paper thieves. What shows up isn’t a traditional robber, but rather another gateway to the mystical. Two creatures with foot prints on their faces create an army of soldiers created from origami  paper. As the turtles fight off their new enemies, they simply turn to paper confetti.

We get a taste of Leonardo actively avoiding really hard work, as well as Raphael’s use of Magic. I love how the turtles eyes go all white like other versions when they’re in action. I don’t think it was said outright, but I think this is our first look at the Foot Clan. With the enemies being made from paper, it leads to onslaughts of expendable soldiers, ensuring countless battles and bloodless action from the future Ninja Turtles. I’m very excited for this version of the Foot, but a single line really stood out to me. While they examine defeat, one creature states something along the lines of “They may have SHREDDED our plans for now.” Producers have been quiet about the Shredder, so maybe this is our first hint he exists in this universe. Or maybe it’s a paper pun.

Donnie’s Gifts is a fun story about Donatello accepting his brothers for who they are.

He creates new tools for his brothers to fix what he views as weakness. He creates an inflatable outfit for Mikey, a helmet to think for Raph, and a collar to stop Leo’s quips. This also introduces a new villain, Meatsweats (Voiced by Johnny Rotten. Sex Pistols Johnny Rotten). He’s a former celebrity chef who was mutated to become the weird angry meat pig he’s become. He’s obsessed with unlocking flavor and he absorbs other powers. When Donnie is captured, Mikey, Leo, and Raph need to save Donnie from being eaten. The brothers learn to use Donnie’s gifts in a way not intended, and Donnie learns to accept his brothers for who they are.

Meatsweats is genuinely terrifying. He’s a great new villain who I think will keep coming back.  We get a look at how Donnie views his brothers, which tells us outright what each turtle’s weakness is. The silverfish look strangely like mousers.

These are the best episodes so far. It seems to further the overall story as well as push what we know about the characters. I really love this version of the Foot Clan. It fits with the mystical tone of the show and leads to a lot of possibilities of danger for the turtles.

I loved this episode, but what did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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Great - Character development, Magic, and an introduction of the Foot Clan?!

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