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New Kickstarter Planned for Munchkin TMNT Card Game

The last time IDW Games decided to use Kickstarter for one of their TMNT projects, it was an overwhelming success. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past surpassed its goal and eventually raised a total of $862,212. This positive outcome may be just one reason why the company has decided to create yet another crowdfunding campaign for their next big game based on a previously existing franchise by the name of Munchkin.

On March 7th, IDW Games will launch a Kickstarter campaign to promote and raise funds for a Munchkin game based on our heroes in a half shell. Although the standard version of the game will be available for sale at various retail stores, the deluxe and ultra deluxe editions will only be offered through this fundraising campaign. Each deluxe edition will include a fully illustrated Level tracker in addition to character standees. This game will also feature entirely new and original artwork from co-creator Kevin Eastman and Tadd Galusha.

Even the standard edition of this TMNT Munchkin game looks like a lot of fun. Image Source: IDW Games, Steve Jackson Games.
Even the standard edition of this TMNT Munchkin game looks like a lot of fun. Image Source: IDW Games, Steve Jackson Games.

For those who are unaware, Munchkin is a card game based on classic tabletop role playing games. The concept is intended to be a bit of an inside joke for fans of RPGs, allowing players to quickly create the most powerful character possible. Munchkin is an award winning game and a fan favorite with many different branded releases. While the standard edition will retail for $24.95, fans can obtain the deluxe editions on Kickstarter for only $29.95.

Considering how Kickstarter campaigns are typically designed, we recommend getting in early if you want the ultra deluxe edition. Chances are that this very special version of the game will be extremely limited (potentially under 1,000 copies) and it may sell out very quickly. Thankfully, since the fundraising campaign is three weeks away, most shellheads should have plenty of time to save up the money they need to get whichever version they want when it finally launches.

Are you excited to discover that the TMNT are finally going to be part of the Munchkin universe? Will you be picking the game up when this Kickstarter campaign begins on March 7th? Share your thoughts and plans either in the comments below or on Facebook/Twitter.

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