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Comic Review: Batman/TMNT II #3

by Dan Gehen

For those looking for a more traditional TMNT dynamic than the one found in IDW’s main series, look no further than this intercompany crossover. With Batman, Leo, and Splinter doing recon on Bane, the rest of the Turtles are left to bide their time with Robin. Nothing can go wrong, right?

Comic Review: Batman/TMNT II #3

(W) James Tynion IV, (A) Freddie E. Williams II

While this issue is titled Batman/TMNT II #3, it might as well be “Raphael v. Robin: Dawn of Snark” because that’s what we get for the majority of the pages. As he has done throughout this miniseries (and the previous one), James Tynion IV demonstrates his innate understanding of both heroic families.  It is a fun issue. However, it is also littered with illogical scenarios, while artist Freddie E. Williams delivers a mostly strong performance.

The issue starts off with a head-scratcher almost immediately, as the “A-team” trio of Batman, Leonardo, and Splinter head out to gather information on Bane’s activities in New York, leaving Robin, Raph, Mikey, Donnie, April, and Casey behind. While Batman and Leonardo make sense, bringing Splinter along seems to be done solely for the purpose of leaving the “children” without supervision.

The resulting sequence sees Raphael and Robin engage in a “friendly” sparring session. While there is plenty of banter for the reader to soak up, it mostly serves to showcase Freddie Williams’ dynamic artwork. Though he gives perhaps his weakest, or most uneven, effort in his entire association with the TMNT, it still manages to impress.. For example, the proportions on Bane near the end are laughably bad, with a teeny-tiny head placed upon a comically massive body. However, his layouts and use of space make for a kinetic, and almost cinematic experience. One instance in which he has the silhouettes of Casey, April, Mikey, and Donnie along the side of the page as Raph and Robin duke it out is arguably one of the best in any TMNT comic.

Batman/TMNT II #3 might not be the best of Tynion and Williams’ collaborations, but it remains one of the most entertaining comics available for readers. Though there is a noticeable dip in quality from previous issues, it remains a fun and entertaining experience. Perhaps most importantly, the duo has created a comic that is accessible and can be enjoyed by almost any comic fan.

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