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Comic Review: TMNT Dimension X #2

Dimension X is definitely a weird place. The Turtles’ continue their trans-dimensional community service efforts as they track down another witness for “The Trial of Krang”.

Comic Review: TMNT Dimension X #2

(W) Ulises Farinas & Erick Freitas (A) Michael Dialynas

In case you missed it, I was not a fan of TMNT Dimension X #1. Truth be told, I was not looking forward to reading this issue after such a disappointing opening. However, it looks as though the creative team has righted the ship, as the second issue is a marked improvement over the first. The writing is crisper, and the art is much smoother.

With the series formula firmly established, readers know exactly what they are getting into here. Farinas and Freitas deliver a relatively self-contained story that fits within the larger “Trial of Krang” arc in the main ongoing title. Like issue #1, this comic sees the Turtles venture off to a new locale within Dimension X to track down a potential witness to testify against the disgraced Utrom general. However, unlike the previous issue, the writers take the time to flesh out and develop this new witness, enabling readers to have an emotional investment in both the character and the narrative as a whole. While this comes at the cost of under-utilizing the miniseries’ chief protagonist, the internal struggle that the witness endures (as well as the well executed narrative twist) makes up for it in spades.

As alluded to earlier, the artwork is much easier on the eyes. Michael Dialynas, who provides the art and colors, captures a side of Dimension X that is rarely discussed – if ever – across the spectrum of TMNT media: its potential for beauty. Much of this issue contains grand, sweeping landscapes and a figurative kaleidoscope of colors for the reader to feast upon. Albeit far from perfect, it provides the reader plenty of stimulation from start to finish. The character renders are also improved. The Turtles themselves do not look like they jumped out of the cinematic abortion known as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III, but instead they are more or less consistent with there depictions throughout the IDW-verse.

If you wrote off TMNT Dimension X after the first issue, you might want to give this a skim while you’re at your local comic shop this week. Much of the problems that the first issue had have been resolved. While the story itself is still rather light and formulaic, the execution and artwork are greatly improved. This series may still end up being a cash grab, but it’s starting to show signs that it might be worth the money.


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French-bread Pizza 6.5

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Dan Gehen

Dan Gehen

Dan Gehen is a lot of things, but one thing he's been for his entire life is a TMNT fan (this has been verified by watching embarrassing home videos of his formative years). Though the classic 1980s cartoon caused his 3-year-old version to drive his parents insane via the constant repetition of "cowabunga dude", his true appreciation for the heroes in a half-shell came from the 1990 feature film as well as the comics by Mirage Studios. Today, he continues to enjoy comics from a variety of publishers, including the current TMNT series from IDW Publishing.

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