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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan is Now Under $25

Although it was just released a few months ago, the latest TMNT game from Activision has already dropped to an incredibly low price. Many fans enjoyed this game, but others found it lacking the depth and gameplay features they were hoping to experience. The ratings for Mutants in Manhattan reflected some of the comments we saw from the fan community, and it’s fair to say that the final product wasn’t necessarily all it was hyped up to be. That being said, this game was actually pretty fun, and the new price tag is definitely worth the 10-15 hours it will likely take to complete.

Yes, the game is short and repetitive, but it’s still a lot of fun. If you’ve been waiting for a lower price point, you’ll be glad to know that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan is now under $25. I’m sure that some gamers are still looking for an even lower price tag, but I doubt many TMNT fans would deny that this game is more than worth the new figure. The discounts on this title will probably increase by the end of the year, but I doubt the next price drop will be very significant. Let’s just say that I would be surprised to see this game for less than $10 before next spring.

Bebop slices through the price of Mutants in Manhattan. Image Source: Activision, Platinum Games
Bebop slices through the price of Mutants in Manhattan. Image Source: Activision, Platinum Games

Of course, I wasn’t necessarily expecting to see the valuation on Mutants in Manhattan drop this quickly. For all I know, the price tag could drastically change within the next few months. It’s kind of sad to see what became of this title, because fans were really excited for a new TMNT game to hit the market. In less than a year, we went from knowing barely anything about the game to the disappointment of its release and then its eventual tanking value. Thankfully, the lower price point allows for entirely new audiences to give it a shot.

UPDATE: Title and information have been altered to reflect recent price changes. Mutants in Manhattan is still available on multiple platforms for less than $20, but is now over $20 on PS4 and XB1. Expect price to fluctuate over the next short period.

Is this the price drop you’ve been waiting for, or are you going to wait for an even bigger discount? If you’ve already played the game, do you think Mutants in Manhattan is worth the sub $25 cost? Let us know your thoughts and opinions either in the comments section below or on Facebook/Twitter.

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