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New Mutants in Manhattan Gameplay Video From PAX East

by Justin W
Image from Mutants in Manhattan gameplay video featuring Michelangelo. Source: Platinum Games, Activision

We’re officially a month away from the release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan, and that means we can expect plenty of promotional material to hit the web over the next four weeks. Today brings us yet another significant taste of the game, this time through the eyes of a fellow TMNT fan. While attending PAX East 2016, this shellhead decided to record some Mutants in Manhattan gameplay footage that actually gives us an excellent idea of what we can come to expect. We’ve already seen quite a bit of gameplay, but this video reveals a lot of details that may be significant for long time fans of TMNT games.

As the video starts off, we see the turtles trying to complete a mission. The mission is simple: Disarm the bombs on a rooftop while foot soldiers are trying to stop you. Okay, so the mission sounds simple, but then the foot soldiers start attacking you while you’re trying to disarm the bombs and suddenly the difficulty becomes more than apparent. The player struggles toward the end of the video, even getting shell-shocked a few times before completing the mission. We’ve known about a lot of these Mutants in Manhattan gameplay elements for a while now, but we haven’t seen them fluidly in action until now.

The first thing I noted was that the health bar is actually a pizza. If you’ve been playing TMNT games for as long as I have, chances are that you remember getting pizza power-ups in the original arcade games back in the 90’s. This might just be a reference to the days of old, but it’s still a nice gesture for fans who have been waiting a long time for another great Ninja Turtles game. The Mutants in Manhattan gameplay video continues on to reveal that getting shell-shocked looks almost exactly the same as it did in the Konami games of old, except now your brothers will revive you faster than you can pop in another quarter.

As the video continues, it becomes apparent that this game is quite similar in style to others on the market. Most notably, certain Mutant in Manhattan gameplay elements remind me of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Assassin’s Creed. The ability to scan an area for enemies is not exactly new, but it is something that we haven’t really seen in any other TMNT game. Perhaps this title will simply combine the best elements of the greatest modern action titles in order to give the fans a truly excellent Ninja Turtles game. Even if that’s all that they ever end up doing with Mutants in Manhattan, I will certainly be a happy camper.

Just a few days after this video got posted, Platinum Games and Activision released yet another trailer, this time focusing on Michelangelo. It’s safe to say that he is just as goofy as he should be, and both of these Mutants in Manhattan videos are making me very excited for the release of this game on May 24th, 2016!

Do these Mutants in Manhattan gameplay videos make you more excited for the game? Are you tired of hearing about it and you’d rather just play the title already? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or via facebook/twitter!

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Fishy April 26, 2016 - 5:02 pm

It’s going to be a Turtle-y awesome Summer! Booyakabunga!

NUMBER ONE TMNT FAN April 26, 2016 - 7:21 pm


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