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A Turtles Movie Were Casey Jones Is The Lead Character? Wait, What?

by Justin Bozung

It’s really enough to drive a Turtles fan crazy.  I mean, completely bonkers and nuts.  What in the world will the upcoming 2016 sequel to Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles be about?   About all we know, outside of the announcements over the last several months pertaining to which actor will be playing which character, is that the film will be directed by Dave Green, who, as of right now, is best known for his work on the animated film Earth To Echo.

With TMNT fans obsessed with spoilers and with wanting to know every aspect of the upcoming movie (Remember last year with the Bay reboot script was supposedly leaked out?), we’d like to draw a little attention toward film-maker and Turtles superfan Eric England, who along with producer Ali Shankar have developed a premise for their own version of a Turtles movie–which would be told through the eyes of Casey Jones.

As England describes it through he and Adi Shankar’s Video Show on YouTube–The Bootleg Universe Pitch Show–their take on the Turtles would be “Fight Club meets Tony Scott.”   A grand fantasy for the both of them perhaps, none the less, one that they have even envisioned as a project quickly cast.   As England sees actor Chris Hemsworth in the lead role of Casey Jones, and in his Turtles film, the guys would take a back seat and allow Casey Jones to step out in front, even leaving him some time to get to know April O’Neil a little better, as the two of them go after Shredder.
While this might be a bit over-the-top, even sacrilegious to many a Turtles fan (don’t ask how England wants to revise Splinter), England is most interested in the universe in which the Turtles and their nemesis’ exist.  Whether you think a Turtles fan movie around Casey Jones is a good idea or not, Turtles fan simply have to admire his audacity and imagination.  

You can listen to England’s full premise for his Casey Jones Turtles movie here:

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