Fourth live-action TMNT movie was in the works

The last live action TMNT movie left many fans disappointed, but recently it was revealed that the fourth movie was in the works. Heritage Auctions revealed artwork made by TMNT co-creat0r Kevin Eastman. The movie was to be called “TMNT: The Next Mutation.”

TMNT Kirby

A new turtle was to be introduced named Kirby. Eastman had many ideas on how he should look. Kirby was going to wield swords, and many other changes were made to fan favorite characters.  All of the characters themselves looked to be from a post-apocalyptic world.

April O’Neil was labeled as evil in Eastman’s notes and was wearing a revealing outfit. She also carried a sword which would suggest that she was now trained, possibly by Splinter. Kasey was given a unique look. He wields a gun, which is somewhat unfitting since he recently discovered a love for the game of golf in the first movie. He had a look similar to Bishop or Cable in the X-men franchise.

The Foot Clan was to get a total makeover. Instead of fighting the Turtles with martial arts, they would use guns. This makes sense, after countless battles of them losing to the Turtles. Other characters included Talbot and Lawson. Lawson may be a tribute to comic book artist Jim Lawson and Talbot may be a tribute to Eric Talbot. The drawing designs only have names on them, which may just be a design that Eastman asked each of them to do for an unnamed character.

Shredder’s design was one without a mask. He still had an extended blade, but in one of the designs he almost looked like a character from the movie Braveheart. Bugman was going to be introduced in this installment of the series. A new character named Nanospyder who looks like a rejected transformer villain was to be introduced.

Eastman threw a lot of ideas, but in the end it did not make it. The artwork was an early design and the script was by Christian Ford and Roger Soffer.  These ideas may have worked in a reboot, but the third film ruined hopes of a forth one.


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