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TMNT | Nickelodeon Rewards TMNT Fans for Promoting New Show

by Zach Gasior

The new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series premiers in less then two weeks. Nickelodeon has been using social media not only to get information out, but they are communicating with Turtles fans.

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Comic-con was the start of a massive advertising campaign. Nickelodeon set up street teams in both downtown San Diego and San Diego International Airport who handed out information about what side to choose.

Fans can still sign up at http://www.turtlesvsfoot.com/.

You can choose to join the Foot Clan or the Turtles. Upon joining you will automatically get 50 points that you can use toward prizes. The only way you can additional points for prizes is to: add a network, recruit friends, tweet, like a status, comment, retweet or link clicks.

The more you help out, the better your chances are to win prizes.

For every week that you earn 50 points, you will automatically be entered for weekly prize packages from co-creator of the original TMNT series, Kevin Eastman. Every fan who earns 300 points will be able to download a mp3 of the new TMNT theme song.

Fans who rank in the top 50 will get a free signed cast poster. If you earn at least 1,000 points by September 28, 2012, you will be entered for a trip for two to meet the cast and creatures of the show at Nickelodeon Animation Studios.

The point leaders are posted each day, so fans can keep track of who is in the lead.

Fans can also expect to see their e-mail packed with TMNT news including: never-before-seen videos, artwork and character sketches.

In addition to their contest, Nick has a TMNT website up, http://www.nick.com/shows/ninja-turtles/about/, which includes bios, games and a few videos. The site also includes a sneak peek on what is to come.

Each character has an interactive bio. Nick has set up each character’s bio in an interview style. The website includes a basic introduction for new fans as well as pictures and weapons info. Nick has changed a few things from the original show and the website shows it. TMNT will be introducing April O’Neil as a 16-year-old who looks to Splinter as a father figure.
The new show will keep Shredder the same, but information on the Kraang have been shrouded in mystery. Nick has posted this info for the Kraang:

“The Kraang could not be reached for comment. So far, all we know is that they are a race of multi- tentacled brain-creatures, who are very far from home and up to no good. Stay tuned!”

The TMNT marketing team is utilizing social sites to its full potential. TMNT fans are doing most of the advertising and it is working. The top leaders on the Turtlesvsfoot.com have over 20,000 points. Two ways to get the most points (other then joining, 50 points) are to add a network for 75 points, or to recruit a friend for 50 points.

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