TMNT Quiz: Which Turtle are you?

Take our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles quiz to determine which character you resemble most. These strategic questions will ultimately help decide which Ninja Turtle mirrors you best.

  • Clinton Woosley

    I got Leonardo.

  • Regine Daisy Gary


  • Mykaila Love Brown

    I got Donatello!

  • Mikey B.

    Favorite is Raphael and got Leo.

  • Matthew Hargrove

    got Leonardo

  • Diego Ferrer


  • abigail adams

    I got Leonardo

  • Donatello

    I got Donatello.

  • Raphael

    I got Raphael.

  • Michelangelo

    Dude! I got me! Who would of known!

    • Adrianna


  • Donatello

    I got me, I knew I was gonna get me, because I am me.

  • Angela

    I got DONTELLO

  • lilac shaffer


  • isaiah


    • isaiah

      I spellt that wrong face Palm

  • chalice watkins

    i got Leo and thats me and my lil bro got Mikey and thats him.

  • Dagan W.


  • Cambria Lynn Jenkins

    I got Donatello…same as another quiz

  • Vicy J. Corcoran

    Donatello my Fav, Then Raphael. 😉

  • Paramore141

    My favorite is leo and I got him.

  • socoolgurl

    I love Raph, And i got Leo?!?!?! Cray-Cray!

  • socoolgurl


  • Hockey Mask Crazey

    My fave turtles Raph and I’m Leo? heh you know to be honest as awesome as the turtles are I’d rather be Casey Jones.

  • Chandler

    I got Donatello

  • Zendaya Grande

    I got Raphael

  • scauldron lover

    I got Leonardo, but most of my friends would say that i’m like Mikey or Raph. How does that even happen?

    • lilly megan

      me too!

  • ADI

    YEAH 😛

  • destiny gipson

    i got donatello YEAH?

  • Tnmnt lover

    I gat ralphel yay

  • RaphIsMuhFaveTurtleTMNT2003

    Yes! I got Raphael!!!!

  • Camryn

    Hell yeah I got Mikey!

  • abby

    i got michelangelo my favorite he is so awesome!

    • shyly


  • abby


  • nicky

    luck I got donny

  • boop

    My Favorate is Leo Yet I got Raph?

  • hl awsome

    Don’t have a favorite character, but in the quiz I got leo. I think I’m like a leo mikey mix…weird combo

  • MeganMegaWattx

    My favorite is mikey and I got mikey!


    It seems I’ve taken like seven quizzes and on all but maybe three I’ve got Leo, and he’s my favorite.

  • Tommy

    I got Donnie,last time I got Raph.

  • Basically the real life April

    BOOYAKASHA I GOT DONNIE (he is cute so it mikey and leo and raph) POW-CHICKA-POWPOW ( maybe it bow idk)

  • Mikey

    mikey!!! ^^

  • Michelangelo Rulez

    BOOYAKASHA! Michelangelo!

  • Brianna

    took it twice 1st time Leonardo 2nd Raphael and Raph is my fav!!

  • leeleeloo

    I got raph, my family says im him and I loose my temper sometimes.

  • Jacob


  • PuppyLover


  • abigail

    i like raph we had the same personality

  • Tommy

    Got leo,which is weird cuz always get raph

  • #Jessiebug xoxo1663❤

    I got Michelangelo!

  • Sky

    I am opposite from Leonardo. I hate responsibility. I don’t want to be a leader. I always get Mikey. This quiz is not correct it is cheap.

  • Kelley



    Got Raph 2 times in a row

  • Thepirate6

    BOOYAKASHA BABY!!!!GOT MIKEY!!!! GOT him in two quizzes and I feel like I’m more like him. Yasss!

    • GrandAsylumGaming

      Nice to see somebody likes their result! I find it funny I was hoping for it to say Michelangelo (cause I like almost all the Michelangelo incarnations), but I am ok with LEO as well!

  • lilly megan

    Good quiz though cause I like all the brothers, I went with Leo

  • Anne

    mickey 4 times

  • Kendric Tolbert


  • Donatello

    I got Donatello!

  • I Got Donnie,i usually get raph when i take these kinds of quizzes. coolness

  • Hettyscetty

    The first time I did it I got Leonardo, but I always see myself more like Donatello than Leo. I done it again there and got Michelangelo, but that might be because I accidentily pressed the wrong button on one of the questions

  • WhiteFang

    Leo too

  • Leilani

    I got Donnie. 😉

  • kittycatz dinning

    i got all of them i did it 4 times

  • Dony

    I got Donatella and I am quite like him and he is favorite

  • Gonzo

    I got donatelo! Again. No surprise.:)

  • Gonzo

    I did it again and got Leonardo this time. 😉


    i got Leonardo but Raphael is my hands down favorite

  • Lucy Marie Lanuza

    I’m Raphael… yeah I’m like him a bit

  • GrandAsylumGaming

    Well I apparently got Leonardo! I was looking forward to it saying I was Michelangelo, or possibly even Donatello, but in my opinion I don’t feel like I would resemble Leonardo, but I could see how having a pacifist personality (I would only attack somebody if it means saving myself or others, otherwise I resolve problems peacefully) and use my mind before acting, so I could see how the result would be Leonardo!


    i got donnie p.s i love him

  • Micah MX600

    I’m Leonardo