What is Raphael’s Weapon Called?

Raphael or Raph is one of the lovable crime fighting, anthropomorphized turtles from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT to fans).  Each of these turtles wears a mask which is simply a colored bandanna worn over the eyes.  Raph’s mask is red.

Raphael's Weapons are known as Sais

Raphael is the turtle that is considered to be the “bad boy” in the group.  He is likely to show extremes of emotions and can be aggressive, maddened, sullen and rebellious all at the same time.  While the source of his innate frustration is left to the imagination it is hinted that it stems from them being the only ones of their kind and thus destined to be alone forever.  Leonardo is his older brother and the leader of the group and he is often the one to bear the brunt of Raphael’s temper.

Raph has a weapon of choice and he has two of this particular weapon.  It is called a sai.  This is a weapon that one generally sees in Okinawan martial arts.  Basically, this weapon is shaped as a pointed and prong shaped metal baton having two prongs that are curved that project out from the handle.  This weapon is generally used in pairs and in the upcoming TMNT movie Raph’s sais have the ability to stick together and form a weapon that is staff like.  There are many different types of sais and their main use in martial arts is blocking and trapping.

raphael sais

Now you will know the next time you watch the show that Raphael’s weapons are called sais.