What is the name of the blue ninja turtle?

As the oldest brother, Leonardo or Leo, is the natural leader of the Ninja Turtles. He wears a blue mask, which symbolizes one of his main qualities – calmness. Leo is the most serious and disciplined member of the group, and shows essential qualities of a natural-born leader including patience, wisdom, and bravery. Out of all the members, Leo has the most experience in battle but sometimes doubts himself as an effective leader. He is at constant odds with his brother, Ralph, who challenges his authority as the leader of the group.

Leo’s choice of weapon is two katana blades, which he has mastered beautifully. In terms of skills, Leo is extremely proficient in martial arts and encompasses a good balance of strength, agility, and intelligence. He often compares himself to Captain Ryan, who is the main character of his favorite TV show, Space Heroes. This tends to annoy his three brothers a lot, who sometimes view Leo as having set too high of a standard for himself and everyone around him. While there may be some strain between Leo and his brothers, especially Raphael, they are lost without him. In instances where Leo goes missing or is injured, they rally by his side for support. As the first-born, Leo has a very close relationship with Splinter. He is the first to call Splinter “father” and has great respect and admiration for him. The bond between the two is quite evident in many of the TMNT storylines.