Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trivia

Test your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles knowledge and brag to your friends. Our TMNT test will assess your knowledge of your beloved turtles.

by Ninja Turtles

  • Re’Nell

    87% for me

  • billy f.

    Re i dont think these people know the answers because im a huge fan and i keep getting a 87% too. I want to see what they consider the correct answers to be!

    • tvmoviestuff

      Try taking the test again! I would share some details but don’t want to ruin it for newcomers.

      • Aleah J





        also did u notice the very mixed up pic of the turtles up there?

    • Aleah J

      I think It counts your time too

  • elchristo

    The question that has the answer Kraang is incorrect. It is actually the Utroms… BOOM!

    • Frank Cousineau

      depends what version of turtles your looking at…. and none of those questions had the Kraang or Utroms… Splinter’s arch nemesis is Shredder and his clan is the Foot

      • elchristo

        Actually the original line of comics and the new reboot of TMNT have Utroms as the invasive alien troublemakers and Krang is a general amongst them. And yes one of the questions had Krang in it or why would I even comment about it…

        • Frank Cousineau

          oops… a chunk of my reply got deleted by accident… I meant to say none of those questions had the Kraang or Utroms as a correct answer. sorry for the confusion.

  • Rockintako

    Quiz is incorrect, I got 87, and Kraang is not a race.

    • Frank Cousineau

      Again depends what version / series your looking at Kraang is the name of the supreme lord of dimension X in the 1984 TV series. The Utroms are are the species in the 2003 TV series where in one episode they call one of the Kraang… in the new Nick 2012 series the Kraang is what they all call each other and no reference to Utrom is made in the new series…

  • Scotty G

    This is bologna. First of all, the alien race from TMNT is the Utrom race, and second of all I know for a fact I got all of the other stupid questions right and I can’t get above 87%! This is so invalid and unreliable I can’t even stand it!

    • tvmoviestuff

      Try taking it again Scotty. We believe you possess the TMNT knowledge to ace this bad boy.

      • Frank Cousineau

        no two of the questions are incorrect… Baxter Stockman is Shredder’s ally… he is the fly in most generations except for the one before Nick took over where he was everything but a fly… ends up a blob of brains controlling machines…

  • Turtle Geek

    Two wrong answers on this quiz. Hamato Yoshi is the answer for the Shredder’s real name question and Baxter Stockman is the answer for the Turtle’s human sidekick question. (The Kraang is the name for the Utrom race in the Nick series of TMNT)

    • joey

      hamato yoshi is splinter oroku saki is shredder turtle human sidekick is casey jones



    • Frank Cousineau

      Hamato Yoshi is Splinter… and baxter stockman is not at all a friend of the turtles or sidekick… Casey Jones is… is that the two wrong answers I got???? Shinannigans for sure


      dude baxter stockman is one of their enemies!!!! not one of their friends!!!

  • Robert Moore

    87%. I call shenanigans.

  • mrneedles

    Ya they didn’t do there homework

  • ilsa

    I got an 87%. Seems like everyone else did as well (o__o)

  • Adam Kast

    I got 100% There are no Shenannigans.

  • jason

    I got 94 % but it don’t tell me what one I got wrong

  • Zoe Dobson

    I got 100% on the first try that was fun!!!

  • rachael

    yes I got 100 on the first try!!

  • Johnny Feng

    81% first try.

  • Frank Cousineau

    yeah I got 88%… and the only one I wasn’t sure was casey jones real name… but I picked Arnold so other than that I don’t know what else I apparently got wrong… wish they would say what answers we got wrong and then see if this is bullcrap or not…

  • Maria

    Yay I got 100% first time. The questions were fine for me.

  • EpicKickboxer

    I got 100% on my first try. There are two questions that were a little obscure (Irma’s last name and Casey’s real name) and one that was a bit of trick (true/false question about the when the turtles were created). Other than that it, the test seemed on the level to me.

  • Micheyla Smith

    I agree with billy f.

  • Guy Smiley

    Tried a few different browsers. Doesn’t work beyond the first question for me on any of ’em. Oh well.

  • seth k

    i got a 94% on my first try.

  • Diego Ferrer


  • Robert Allen IV

    94% on the first try

  • lilac shaffer


  • Bambi

    Took me 3 trys but finally i got 100%! first i got 88% next was 94% now i got 100%! there should be tougher questions! i only got stuck on two LOL

  • damian


  • TMNTLover4Life

    I got 100% my first time YAY!!!!!

  • Christina Beck

    I agrre with you I got a 88% and I new all the answers

  • Christina Beck

    I am taking it again

  • Christina Beck

    took it again and scored a 94% onley missed 1

  • Christina Beck


  • Nikita

    94% not bad. Turtle Power!

  • Jacob

    94% percent. Only one answer wrong. Feel good about myself having only watched the 2003 and 2012 TMNT shows.

  • raven

    I beat KAY cowabuga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michelangelo

    I am a TMNT lover. I know everything about the turtles even the name of the mutanige that was poured on them but I only got a 69!

    • Cool Dude

      That’s okay. I love Tmnt and I got an 81%. I stumbled on a couple, but they’re still awesome!

  • cassandra

    I’m a ninja turtle master I got 100% percent

  • bella

    i got a 100 booyakasha!!!! i’m awesome

  • WhisperTehWarLordOfNudels

    98% Completed in two minuets, one question wrong. o__O Casey has a “real name” the heck!? I always thought it was just… y’know… Casey!