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IDW Games has posted it’s latest Kickstarter! Nickelodeon’s Splat Attack is an epic food fight board game that puts classic Nicktoon characters against each other in a quest for cool points. Here’s the game summary from the Kickstarter page. Nickelodeon’s Splat

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It’s finally April! We just got some fresh snow on the ground in New York, but Spring is right around the corner! To celebrate, here are some little known facts about everyone’s favorite news reporter, April O’Neil April O’Neil was

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Preorders, News, Rumors, and New Releases The Ninja Turtles are in every corner of pop culture, so here’s your update on what to preorder, what’s coming out, and where to find your favorite shellheads. Zen Monkey Studios “Turtles in Time

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In late February 2018, Injustice 2 released its third pack of character DLC. I’m sure plenty of people were excited to play as Enchantress or the Atom, but most people weren’t expecting to be as shell shocked as they were.

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These are the first Rise of the TMNT action figures from Playmates Toys. Image Source: Playmates Toys, Nickelodeon.
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Last weekend, toy manufacturers descended upon the Toy Fair with a plethora of new merchandise planned for 2018 and beyond. With a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon on the way, we knew that there would be some interesting revelations

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