It looks like these turtles are almost ready to come out of the shadows! Image Source: NECA, ToyArk.
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Over the past few days, NECA has been teasing a brand new set of TMNT figures on their Twitter page. Although we haven’t gotten a fantastic look at the new toys, what we have seen looks pretty awesome. Fans of

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After a quiet week, the Turtles are back with two new releases from IDW: one book, one comic. Let’s dive into the details! TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES UNIVERSE #10 Writer: Sophie Campbell, Bobby Curnow, Brahm Revel Artist: Sophie Campbell, Brahm

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We are proud to announce another guest star for a TMNT related live discussion. Please join us on Friday May 19th @ 6:00 PM EST to chat with Sophie and interact with other fans. She is an inspiring artist and has

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This is the official logo for the Tales of the Turtles 400 race which will take place at Chicagoland Speedway on September 17th, 2017. Source: NASCAR, Nickelodeon.

It looks like we haven’t seen the last of our heroes in a half shell at NASCAR events. According to several reports, Nickelodeon will once again be working with the brand in order to cross-promote the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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Nickelodeon's TMNT has acquired the help of several celebrity voice actors. If you ever wanted to know more about them, check out this video! Image Source: Nickelodeon.
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When this animated series first began, there was no way of knowing how popular it would become. Although it started off on the right foot with notable voice actors like Jason Biggs, Rob Paulsen and Sean Astin, we had no

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Which lyric do you remember from your childhood? is it "cool, but rude" or "cool, but crude"? Image Source: Fred Wolf Films.
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An interesting discussion seems to have started up on the TMNT subreddit. This argument isn’t actually new, but it does seem to pop up from time to time. Every now and then, a fan will make a point of correcting

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Casey Jones fans rejoice as this month's TMNT box includes a shirt with his likeness! Image Source: Justin W. 8.5

It’s been a while since the TMNT Box was first released, and they sure have changed a lot about the product. Although the subscription box was originally $20, it has now dropped to just $9.99 per month. This decision has

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