Anyone else ready for some oddly terrific or strangely horrible pizzas? Image Source: Insight Editions.
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It looks like we’re already beginning to see some review copies of this TMNT cookbook out in the wild. Earlier today, Mashable shared some new images from the book revealing new recipes to curious audiences. In their article – which

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Good Smile's Rocksteady statue is looking very polished. Image Source: Good Smile, Toy News International.
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This probably won’t come as a surprise if you’ve been paying attention to Good Smile’s products, but they’ve finally revealed the finished design for their Rocksteady statue. Until now, the only point of reference we had for this collectible was

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Stan Sakai has finally brought the turtles back to his Usagi Yojimbo universe. Image Source: Enterainment Weekly, IDW.
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It all started with a simple picture from a Playmates Toys event. In the photo we could clearly see the logo for a new toy line based on the Usagi Yojimbo franchise. It didn’t take long before speculation began to

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In an age where properties are constantly retooled and rebooted, there inevitably is the discussion about what version is truly the definitive one. Whether it’s Batman, the X-Men, or Sherlock Holmes, these pop-culture fixtures can become icons, and a certain

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Being a comic book creator can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, they are the stewards of pop culture, defining and refining characters that have transcended the medium and into the collective social consciousness. On the other hand, the

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“City At War”, the 13-part story arc that concluded Mirage Volume 1, is a significant chapter in the Ninja Turtles’ history. It has driven TMNT storylines through Volume 2 and Volume 4 of the Mirage Studios comics, the current series

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