How to Make a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shell

TMNT costumes are a blast on Halloween and costume parties in general.   On a budget?  No worries, dude!  We’ll show you how to make a totally homemade Ninja Turtle shell!   Here is a righteous description of how to make an awesome TMNT shell.

Aluminum roasting pan
Moss green spray paint
2 plastic ninja swords
Blue sports bandage wrap
Glue gun
Cardstock – gray and blue
1.5″ brown and blue ribbon (Michael’s clearance section)
Elastic band


1. Spray paint your aluminum pan with several coats and let it dry for an hour.

2. Cut out a circle with the gray cardstock and the letter “L” with the blue cardstock. Paste the “L” onto the circle. (Note: this is for Leonardo’s shell. If you want a different character, use the cardstock color that matches with the character)

3. Cut a piece of brown ribbon that will fit across the width of the pan. Hot glue it across the middle of the shell.

4. Paste the cardstock circle with the “L” onto the center of the ribbon.

5. Wrap the blue bandage across the handles of the swords.

6. Hot glue the body of the plastic swords onto the shell. The handles should stick out from the top of the shell.

7. Run another piece of brown ribbon across the bottom portion of the shell. The ribbon should go over the top of the swords to secure them to the shell even more.

8. Spray paint the elastic band green and let it dry.

9. Cut the elastic band in half and hot glue it onto the inside of the shell to resemble backpack straps.

10. Wear the TMNT shell as you would a backpack.