Fan Zone

  • Christopher

    I love ninja turtles I have my whole room of ninja turtles things that I collect

  • sydney_773

    me too

  • The Gotham Ninja

    Wish the THEME SONGS would be on the website again for download.

  • June Williams

    Dear TMNT:
    Hi! How are you doing? Fine, I hope.
    I believe that some of my relatives and friends (possibly) have been turned into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Why? How did they turn green?
    You must help others because I believe that Nickelodeon is for kids!!!! You (and I am not telling you what to do have to respond to the cries for help and humility of others. Please send them home to their family and loved ones. Thank you sincerely!!!!
    June 216.475.3144 (ph.)