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  • jamie lee wagner curtiss


  • genawadsworth

    poor raphael his pet becoming his worst enimy raph may be that big tough guy in the show but that would be hard for anyone right and wow in my oppinion donnie is my fave because he is super smart and he is wicked with his bow staff the way he fights with it is awesome he does all those fancy jabs and spins with it and when he showed off his moves to the pulverizer in that episode it wowed me it was epic do you all agree but they all are special in so many ways the nick version is awesome i watch it every morning that series would get anyone hooked and i mean anyone am i right i even know part of the rap song at the begeninging.. leonardos the leader in blue does anything it takes to get his ninjas through donnetello is the fello that has a way with machines raphael has the most additude in the team mikelangelo hes one of a kind youll notest that youll find him when its party time and splinter taught them every skill they need to be one mean lean radical team.. its eather lean or green on that one part but i call it lean mostly.. turtle power……….. turtles forever they will never die


      Donnie was awesome in the pulverizer episode.



  • gwendolyn

    Mickey is the best turtle on the team!

    • Marylene Guevara

      You mean Mikey…not Mickey. Mickey is a mutant mouse from Disneyland ! Lol

  • Laph4ever

    I think raphael is the best and the hottest i mean sexiest

  • Chris Klipstein

    I feel like the luckiest dude in the world right now. I have 3 of the original voices and one of the Nickelodeon voices as Facebook friends. I’ve got Greg Cipes, the Mikey from the recent series, and Peter Renaday, Renae Jacobs, and Townsend Coleman, the original Splinter, April, and Mikey, as Facebook friends. This is an awesome honor to have.