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TMNT Movie 2014 Character Promo Images

Paramount Pictures has been dealt with lots of criticism for their upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. The film has a strong cast and production crew but the word “Alien” struck protest from fans and drove concern to the entire team working on the project. We discuss these past events because fans had only mere stills and toy figurines to discover how their beloved turtles would look. Paramount has released two trailers that are fairly similar, the second trailer shows fans only seconds of turtles footage.


Since all of us fans have to deal with this dilemma, we will continue to provide all the details possible without spoiling the movie. Recently Andrew Farago released a book titled “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Ultimate Visual History”. This book covers details from the original ’84 comics through set pictures in ’14. Farago was granted access to designs of the Ninja Turtles for the upcoming Paramount film, yes these images are drawings but it’s all Paramount will release. Take a glance at the following images released from Movie Pilot.

TMNT Movie 2014 Promo Images 1              TMNT Movie 2014 Promo Images 3


TMNT Movie 2014 Promo Images 2              TMNT Movie 2014 Promo Images 4

We anticipate the third trailer to released sometime in early July and hopefully fans can really see their Ninja Turtles talk and crack jokes. In every incarnation, the turtles have been hilarious and have developed a rapport with fans. Many fanatics are having a hard time embracing the producer Michael Bay, or Megan Fox as April O’Neil, but we believe the new Turtles film will surprise many.  It would be delightful if Paramount and Co. would be as optimistic as us and show us some faith in their project. The TMNT live-action movie was released back in 1993, so Turtles fans are quite deserving of a blockbuster hit after 21 years.

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